• The absolute best technician I have ever had. Max Lamothe helped me set up NT contract and helped me set up my thermostat. None of which I could done myself. Nobody could have done anything more to help me. Every company should have a Max Lamothe!

    Carol B.   ·   6 months ago

  • Great value

    Omaira O.   ·   7 months ago

  • High quality efficient service comparable to larger companies Wow! Airworx is a stellar HVAC company that is a gem yet to be discovered by many more customers. They offer the same, if not better high quality work as the big well known establishments at a more reasonable fair price. How do I know this? Airworx has a tight team, not a gigantic organization, so they can afford to be agile. I actually was able to chat with the boss as it appears most jobs are first evaluated by him. The company provides a very thorough list of what will be included in the service. They are professional, efficient, organized, and neat too. They ask if you want them to wear a mask. They arrive with disposable foot covers in hand to ensure they don’t mess up your floor. The efficient team arrives at the ready to clean up any mess they make thoroughly with drop clothes and whatever else is required. They arrive the time they state they will be there and inform you you when they are just about done. The functionality and features of the thermostat was explained to me. [ I was asked what type I wanted before the new install]. Never once did Airworx try to upsell me with something that I had not planned on or couldn’t afford or didn’t need. They pulled the permits needed well before their arrival date. Of course it passed with flying colors when it was assessed the next day. No, I never met these workers in my life until Monday , 3/4/2022. If you want to walk away confident that you were not scammed , and you got well over you money’s worth give them a call. Not only will it be worth your while, you will want to tell a friend. With such good quality workmanship and service, I know I will ! Yes, a gem has been discovered in the HVAC area of Charlotte and Gastonia and Airworx deserves to be recognized. A satisfied customer!

    Tracy F.   ·   8 months ago

  • Emergency Service Spot On I needed after hour service on my A/C. Andersen the technician was excellent and on time. He solved my A/C problem. I highly recommend Andersen and AirWorx. The Emergency Service fee of $129 for just showing up is a bit high compared to other companies but I am glad I called this company.

    debra l.   ·   1 year ago

  • excellent same day services, even on installs!

    Orlando G.   ·   1 year ago

  • Absolutely the best at everything AC. Reliable, honest, exceptional work. And they return telephone calls. Imagine that.

    Jams K.   ·   1 year ago

  • I called because of an air conditioning problem. The serviceman was very efficient and courteous. This company saved me a lot of money. I will highly recommend them and use them in the future.

    Kenneth M.   ·   2 years ago

  • Service Over & Above - 5-Star Review Airworx provided service Over & Above! We would like to commend one employee in particular, Edgar, a skilled technician, who carefully assessed our home, and recommended the best AC on the market, a Trane. After the initial installation - thanks also to Michael & Vernon - Edgar returned twice to make sure all aspects of the installation, including the air handler, would pass inspection the first time. His work is second to none! The Trane Smart Control, also his recommendation, is like having a Smart Phone on your wall! We will highly recommend Airworx on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and next door, which goes out to over 40 communities in Indian Spring. We look forward to being an Airworx customer in the years to come. Thank you!

    Ann S.   ·   2 years ago

  • Profesional detailed I called Airworx to do regular maintenance on my Central Air conditioner on 09/15/20 and they were at my door on 09/16/20. The tech (Robinson) that came to the house was extremely polite explained everything that he did. He definitely followed CDC guidelines on COVID had a mask on and gloves. By the time he left my hose the AC sounded better and even felt better. As a Manager of a retail store, Robinson definitely exemplifies the true meaning of customer service. I will be using this company again.

    Federico H.   ·   2 years ago

  • Professional, reliable and honest We recently moved to Wellington and twice we have had to call Airworx. Both times a technician came within hours and solved our problem that day. Highly recommend this professional company.

    Gineen W.   ·   2 years ago

  • Effective Diagnostic & Repair Skills - Quality Service - On-time I assisted my elderly neighbor with her booking her AC repair. Airworx was easy to contact and book an appointment with, despite CONVID and condo rules. Two guys came who were effective with their diagnostic skill and repaired the problem. Quality Service & On-time. I recommended Airworx because I hired the company to replace my AC unit w/in the last 5 years. They are a good company providing good service.

    Gretchen K.   ·   2 years ago

  • My central A/C system was replaced by your company almost 3 years ago. I was satisfied with the installation and follow-up system check(s). Your service is always promptly addressed.

    Bud O.   ·   2 years ago

  • Max the tech was the best Had air-conditioning problems and cold air works and they were here within two hours and Max the technician was super nice and really worked hard for the money. He told it like it was that we need new coils or a new AC unit and hopefully we will get it with this company because they are super nice

    Marion J.   ·   3 years ago

  • Technicians displayed professionalism, courtesy and expertise Max & Rich were not only on time (same day service!) but the entire experience from initial phone contact with Airworx through the pair of them staying until they were absolutely sure our issue was resolved was excellent. We had an issue with condensate drain for some time with no previous resolution from other service providers. These guys drilled into the problem and got it fixed. Turns out the previous homeowner had self-engineered a P-trap underground at the exit of the drain!

    Steve C.   ·   3 years ago

  • Honest and reliable My air stopped working overnight. Called air worx first thing in the morning. Max the air conditioning tech was at my house by 10:00 am. At first it was looking like it was my blower, which would have been very expensive. After max dig deeper for the problem he found the board needed to be rewired, much less expensive. He was very honest and efficient. Will use again

    Jackie G.   ·   3 years ago

  • Quick Service Quick service, good communication, friendly technician. I would recommend!

    John M.   ·   3 years ago

  • James is excellent always finds my issue James is excellent always finds my issue

    John .   ·   3 years ago

  • Very efficient, professional job done! Highly recommend Airworx. It is the best A/C system I’ve ever had.

    Tan L.   ·   3 years ago

  • Lester K.   ·   3 years ago

  • Wills D.   ·   3 years ago

  • Caridad R.   ·   3 years ago

  • Brandon Brandon is excellent! He quickly determined the problems and explained them to us, and fixed them without wasting any time.

    Regina B.   ·   3 years ago

  • High quality service very thorough job Kyle did a fantastic job on the service. He completed the service of our whole AC unit and addressed our concern in the one back bedroom that wasn't getting enough cool air by going into that attic and fixing/removing kinks in the air ducts. He showed great care in fulfilling our overall AC needs and was good at explaining what was performed and what may needed done in the future.

    David S.   ·   3 years ago

  • Great service. Great service and value.

    Paul M.   ·   3 years ago

  • Great technician, very knowledgeable

    Benjamin S.   ·   3 years ago

  • Diana H.   ·   3 years ago

  • Excellent..punctual, efficient, friendly, informative. Service throughout was outstanding. Would welcome Luis anytime.

    Scott L.   ·   3 years ago

  • Job well done Luis noticed things that were missed by other technicians. His work was complete and he was very pleasant.

    It was difficult to get the job scheduled but that was a different department.

    Wendy E.   ·   3 years ago

  • Great customer service and Luis Garcia did a great job. Really happy with airwox and i highly recommend it. Thank you!!!

    Fabiola F.   ·   3 years ago

  • Job well done! Luis was very professional and knowledge, my AC system now is working 100%.

    John R.   ·   3 years ago

  • Honest dependable professional Airworx treats you as such a valuable customer. The company and its associates go above and beyond to make sure you get the right product it’s installation is done properly and follow-up is super!

    Cynthia S.   ·   3 years ago

  • Always great service.On time and a very professional and knowledgeable staff. Guys do a great job.Got our a/c working again

    ANGELO P.   ·   3 years ago

  • I highly recommend Airworkx. I recently acquired a property in West Pam Beach. It is difficult to handle this time of replacement(Central Air System), when you are out of state, but Lauren and Carlos make this project come true in just a few days. Thanks Airworkx and personnel, you are awesome. Now, I am a happy customer.

    Carlos C.   ·   4 years ago

  • I highly;y recommend Airworkx. I recently acquired a property in West Pam Beach. It is difficult to handle this time of replacement(Central Air System), when you are out of state, but Lauren and Carlos make this project come true in just a few days. Thanks Airworkx and personnel, you are awesome. Now, I am a happy customer.

    Carlos C.   ·   4 years ago

  • a great company, very honest, i highly recommend them.. last week i had an issue with my thermostat, i got to my office and got busy with my work, i forgot to call to set up an appointment, when i realized to call it was 12:15 early afternoon, i called airworx and by 2:15pm they had a tech there, i thought that was fantastic, the tech made a quick adjustment and all is great, a super professional company, they are so friendly when you call, i feel like i am never rushed off the phone, dennis sold me a fantastic system for my downstairs, love the system, works great, my home is nice and cool , i will be upgrading my upstairs system sometime next year and i would only use dennis and his airworx team..thanks very much for being honest and reliable

    gregg p.   ·   4 years ago

  • Great Service.

    Dennis K.   ·   4 years ago

  • amazing service, super nice technicians, quick turnaround time top notch all the way

    Wendy m.   ·   4 years ago

  • love you guys the installer that came to my house alan was from my fathers home town in cuba just loved him. he did a great job & just wanted to say thank you

    frank d.   ·   4 years ago

  • Great service Barry was a wonderful representative for your company. Understanding, helpful, and successful!

    Roberta G.   ·   4 years ago

  • I’m very happy with the job they did, good customer service, he know a lot about air conditioning! Mr. Berry came right on time, check the whole unit, he gave me a good advice how if in the future want to replace my very old unit, he also fixed the interior lights inside that wasn’t working, and I bought the annual contracts because it’s a company that we can trust!!! Thank you!!

    Raul D.   ·   4 years ago

  • Great service, good value Will was my technician and did a great job today. Professional, courteous...I was so impressed that I signed up for a maintenance program with them. Not glad I had a problem, but since I did, I'm glad we called Airworx.

    Scott H.   ·   4 years ago

  • A company you can count to do what it says!! Have used Airworx for A/C services for two years. I cannot imagine putting my trust in any other company. I am so happy that I chose this company for all my needs including a new unit for my home.

    Barry L.   ·   4 years ago

  • Another great experience having Airworx Service our needs. Brandon was great . This was not the first time he’s done work for us. Very professional very neat and explains everything he’s doing before he does the job and reviews everything with you after he is done.

    James G.   ·   4 years ago

  • These guys are awesome!!! These guys are awesome!!! Prompt and courteous. They did what they said they were going to do and just got the job done. Very reasonable price as well. I will continue to use Airworx and recommend them to anyone that asks!

    Eric B.   ·   4 years ago

  • High quality, technical, courteous , proactive Great service, reasonable pricing, The technician provided proactive information to prevent issues. Brandon was extremely knowledgeable, and provided amazing customer service. I would strongly recommend this company and Brandon .

    Traci G.   ·   4 years ago

  • Great service Was looking for a local A/C company and came across Airworx. Definitely not disappointed since I've used them, Their staff and techs are super nice, very knowledgeable and always attentive. Would definitely recommend them to anyone who asks.

    Jackie L.   ·   4 years ago

  • A/C unit fan Barry diagnosed the problem immediately, replacing the motor module in minutes. Very knowledgeable, informative, and professional. Highly recommended.

    Joe C.   ·   4 years ago

  • Well done Excellent service efficient and thorough

    Walter A.   ·   4 years ago

  • Explained the work, honestly evaluated the unit and didn’t leave till I was satisfied with the work. It was a great setvice call. Tech was on site in 20 minutes. Listen to my concerns and evaluated the unit. Have an honest assessment of the unit. Made recommendations to get me running and also made recommendations on long term solution.

    Heather W.   ·   4 years ago

  • Very pleased with the technician and service Great

    Fran R.   ·   4 years ago

  • High quality. Service professionals always well informed Barry was very knowledgeable and pleasant. He recommended other products the company offers which is always helpful. He explained everything thoroughly. Would you use service again .

    Steve W.   ·   4 years ago

  • Service tech was very knowledgeable and quite professional Provided a very professional experience and was a pleasure doing business with

    Glenn C.   ·   4 years ago

  • Fantastic service and impeccable customer service Barry was extremely knowledgeable and offered us multiple options for our situation. He explained everything thoroughly and answered all of our questions.

    Peter L.   ·   4 years ago

  • Great service, had no heat call this morning send someone out by the afternoon. Excellent company

    cheryl z.   ·   4 years ago

  • When I called this company for help, they were quick to respond. They diagnosed the problem and gave me a couple of options. There was NEVER any pressure to replace our air condioner. My husband and I decided to go with a new unit. The price we were quoted was fair and they were able to set us up with financing. Everyone was so nice and understanding, from the office girls to the air installers. Dennis, one of the owners, even came by to ease my worries. I would highly recommend this company.

    Marcie H.   ·   4 years ago

  • Great job!! The tech was here on time and was able to fix our issue very quickly! Very pleased with the overall outcome and will continue to use Airworx.

    Heidi R.   ·   4 years ago

  • Excellent and conscientious service Thirty years a landlord and these people are the best I have encountered. Reliable and honest.

    Bob W.   ·   4 years ago

  • Barry is great! Barry, is great and is an outstanding employee! I will recommend him and Airworx to family and friends. Comapny is lucky to have such a great/honest/helpful employee.

    Andrea B.   ·   4 years ago

  • Barry was very nice and professional. He was informative and helpful. Please see summary

    Stacy B.   ·   4 years ago

  • Courteous and informative Very understanding of my urgency to resolve the a/c issues at hand . Very professional !

    Helene J.   ·   4 years ago