• Joe Galli is outstanding. His staff are fantastic! I'm an older guy now in late fifties so I have seen a lot. I assure you Joe Galli and his staff have been A+ outstanding for several years for us. My wife runs a mobile grooming truck and when her truck is down, it cost her and it is really unbeleivable to me how fast Joe gets her F350 in and out and back on the road. I run a boat dealership and know how difficult it is to do what Joe and his staff do. I do not believe you could find another complany that could come close to the excellence we enjoy. Thank you all.

    Ken R.   /   1 week ago

    Response from Atlantic Bus Sales

    Thank you for taking the time for the review your kindness is awesome.

  • Very helpful Joe Galli gets back to me quickly with my request

    Robert N.   /   4 weeks ago

    Response from Atlantic Bus Sales

    Thank you for your kind words we appreciate it.

  • Have been extremely help full

    Robert N.   /   1 month ago

    Response from Atlantic Bus Sales

    We appreciate the review from all of the ABS Team.

  • Parts Joe and Carol were very helpful .
    As always great service and attention.

    HERMAN M.   /   1 month ago

    Response from Atlantic Bus Sales

    The ABS Team appreciates your taking the time for the review.
    Thank you.

  • Body work Had some body work done to my motorhome and it was perfect in every way. Paint match was perfect and you could not tell it had been touched. Great job,

    Robert A.   /   1 month ago

    Response from Atlantic Bus Sales

    Thank you for the review we strive for customer satisfaction.

  • The level of care, professionalism, and quality of work done by Atlantic Bus Sales is phenomenal. Everyone from the receptionist, the technicians, to the general manager truly made me feel like a valued customer. Their communication was excellent throughout the entire process.

    I had an overwhelming emergency, and I was fortunate to get Joe Galli on the phone. He said bring it right in. We needed the bus back inservice right away. To say that I was impressed is an understatement. Joe and his technician were extremely professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated to taking care of the issue at hand.

    I was not expecting to learn that my problem was more serious than I had initially thought, however it gave me peace of mind to know that I was in good hands at ABS.

    Joe was able to provide several recommendations on how to remedy the situation a quick fix and a proper fix, and he really took into consideration what was best for my company and my time line.

    ABS made the necessary repairs and got me back on the road in no time. One hour earlier then promised in fact.

    I am proud to say that they have made a customer for life.

    Michael S.   /   4 months ago

    Response from Atlantic Bus Sales

    We all appreciate the review !
    Your business is welcome and greatly appreciated by the Team.
    Richard Y

  • Job well done Wonderful service as usual.

    Nancy D.   /   4 months ago

  • Dwight C.   /   4 months ago

  • Great atmosphere, amazing mechanics, quality work on all types of vehicles.
    They take care of all your needs.

    Petrula B.   /   5 months ago

  • Job well done. Friendly helpful staff. Parts and service are great.

    Imi K.   /   5 months ago

  • The place to go The place to go in south FL for all your bus needs. On site experts that can addresses issues most places can't handle. Fast, dependable service. 5 stars!

    Kurt L.   /   5 months ago

  • Job Well Done Joe and his team do great work!!

    Glen G.   /   6 months ago

  • Definitely high quality work with excellent customer service. For the past 3 years I have been taking my company vehicles to ABS and haven't had a bad experience, I always feel so welcome when I'm there and I know our vehicles are completely checked for all safety issues too.

    DON S.   /   6 months ago

  • Its a pleasure doing business with the knowledgeable team at Atlantic Bus Sales, everyone is very helpful and their service was great and very affordable.

    scott r.   /   6 months ago

  • Great Service! Great Service

    Matt G.   /   Google+   /   10 months ago

  • am not much of a Yelp reviewer. However, I thought I had to write to promote this company. In brief we have a new Class C Motorhome (RV) that we needed to have a sway bar installed on - I had called everywhere in Fort Lauderdale and finally found a company willing to install the sway bar. When we arrived at the appointed time - they told us our rig was too big - even though I had told them multiple times the dimensions of our Motorhome. I then spent most of the day on the phone trying to find someone else to do the install. It was at LC Clark Tire (Also excellent) that we got the name of Joe at Atlantic Bus Sales - I called at around 12 yesterday - he said they would look at it and give us a price - we drove there straight away - they had an amazing social distancing program in place and took all our details on the phone (the very lovely Carol) within 15 minutes of leaving we were given a call with a quote of $135 - this was far less than our original quote and also nearly one third of what the Motorhome Dealership wanted to charge us - which is a three hour drive away. They performed the work - sent an invoice electronically which we paid on the phone and collected our Motorhome two hours later. This was for me a first in dealing with any company related to the automotive industry - they told us what they were going to do, did it with an accurate timeline for a great price. We will be back to have new springs installed. I cannot recommend this company highly enough.

    Charles A.   /   Yelp   /   11 months ago

  • This is the only place I will go for my vehicle service. It's easy to get taken for a ride when it comes to car service, but these guys are honest and fast. It's a no brainer.

    Ryan M.   /   Yelp   /   11 months ago

  • This is the best place I've ever been to service my F250. They are honest and fast and not looking to run up the bill. Their technicians are very knowledgeable and happy to help. I give this place 5 stars and will not take my vehicles anywhere else.

    Ryan M.   /   Google+   /   1 year ago

  • Petrula B.   /   Google+   /   1 year ago

  • Bob B.   /   Google+   /   1 year ago

  • I work for a local non profit and Guy and his team did a fantastic job at working with us and our budget in purchasing new 14 passenger bus. I would highly recommend ABS to anyone, especially in the non profit world, looking to purchase a new or used bus for their organization.

    Peter T.   /   Google+   /   1 year ago

  • Marie T.   /   Google+   /   1 year ago

  • Great for Bus Repairs!

    Mr G.   /   Google+   /   1 year ago

  • I cannot thank the team over at Atlantic Bus Sales enough. they will go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase and guide you through the process.

    Marrine M.   /   Google+   /   1 year ago

  • Tania D.   /   Google+   /   2 years ago

  • Stephanie H.   /   Google+   /   2 years ago

  • Great service!

    Raymane N.   /   Google+   /   2 years ago

  • Glenn P.   /   Google+   /   2 years ago

  • They were outstanding! Their thoroughness and dedication in making me 100% satisfied was unprecedented. I will definitely recommend business to them in the future.

    Mary C.   /   Google+   /   2 years ago

  • Maikel A.   /   Google+   /   2 years ago

  • What a great company to work with. Richard and his team always take care of us, if it ordering parts for us, or repairing our buses, or finding us a great price on a used bus, they are always great to work with,

    Thanks guys for everything!

    Wilbur H.   /   Google+   /   2 years ago

  • Makeeva H.   /   Google+   /   2 years ago

  • First rate friendly service

    Alan C.   /   Google+   /   3 years ago

  • Stacey J.   /   Google+   /   3 years ago

  • Service and professionalism is top notch!

    Jayson B.   /   Google+   /   4 years ago