• Staff Is Awesome The Tech and Vet (wish I knew their names) were helpful, sincere and considerate. They made a bad situation a little easier by being professional with a personal touch. they informed me of all of our options and costs upfront. Unfortunately, there wasn't much that could be done for my pet but they sure wanted to give it every effort. I would definitely recommend them.

    Marion D.   /   10 months ago

  • Well done and careing job We were traveling thru the area when our pug got sick and could not breath. So we googled a vet in the area that was open 24/7 since it was 2am. We found this place and took him in. They went right to work on him and had him feeling better in no time. The Dr was very through and explained everything. He is now back home resting comfortable in his bed and seems to be alot better. Thank you so much Carley Suarez , DVM

    Steven B.   /   1 year ago

  • Awesome clinic!! Compassionate, loving, professional. Entire staff was amazing and helped our family navigate through a difficult illness with our beloved Labrador, Brandy. I'm so glad that a friend recommended this office to us! They were wonderful to work with!! Highly recommended them!

    Lyssa H.   /   1 year ago

  • High quality facility with a staff that goes above and beyond. We would like to take the time to thank Dr Nina Waldron and the entire emergency staff for their thoughtfulness and caring during the time they spent with Jim and I along with our dog Merope. Even though we lost our little girl that evening without this facility there would have been so much more suffering not only for Merope but for us. I would highly recommend this facility, not only are they specialist with extraordinary hearts but are special individuals one and all. Thanks so much for the card, you are all a true blessing!

    Julie & James D.   /   1 year ago

  • YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! Such an amazingly loving and caring veterinarian family! This was our first time here, the Dr was extremely knowledgeable for our little Guinea pig Oreo. My daughter had to experience her first loss of a pet and we felt so blessed to have found BVS and were able to go through this with this amazing staff! You could see and feel the heart of ever staff member as they helped us through doing what was best for Oreo. They went above and beyond when we received a card in the mail to let us know how sorry they were for out loss. This was not just a simple little note, the entire card was filled up with sincere and heart felt message from each staff member. It was one of the most sincerest and touching gestures I have ever received. We cant thank you enough for everything you have done for family!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!

    Bethany W.   /   2 years ago

  • Wonderful staff. A great facility with great staff members and treatment.

    Melanie B.   /   2 years ago

  • Exceptional Care The entire staff was the most caring, kind and compassionate people during one of the most difficult times of my life. They sensed the love I had for my dog and just how difficult my decision was and they made it as easy as possible for me. Thank you so much for your kindness and respect. It meant a lot.

    Melissa C.   /   2 years ago

  • Very Caring and Knowledgeable Staff Bluegrass was very kind and supportive of me and the love of my life "Onka Belle" a 9 year old Pit Bull Cross who was my loyal and trusty sweet companion for 8 of those 9 years. Onka had cancer and they did all they could for her and me. She is now my guardian angel ... Thank you Bluegrass for helping both she and I - thank you for caring.

    Kimberly D.   /   2 years ago

  • Excellent care!

    Penny G.   /   2 years ago

  • Job well done The staff was very friendly and understanding. They provided great car for our fur baby in her time of need. They were very delicate with us as well..understanding that we were scared and worried. Our pup is doing much better now. Thank you for all you do

    Amber B.   /   2 years ago

  • Took great care of my puppy Staff was very good. Made sure my puppy was taken care of.

    Tracey D.   /   2 years ago

  • I believe they genuinely cared for my little pup while visiting with them The only issue with Denali stay was that I waited for a very long time with the initial visit and sat in the room too long without someone coming in and checking. Whether the Dr. was busy or not, someone should have checked in. That would be my only complaint.

    Michelle R.   /   2 years ago

  • The to young ladies was great very good job Thank you all

    Steven W.   /   2 years ago

  • Excellent service from a caring staff We were on the road from Kentucky back to Minnesota when our dog became seriously ill and required surgery. We were referred from a Middlesboro vet and were seen immediately. The need for surgery and the cost were explained to us very clearly and she had surgery that very day. The staff kept in touch with us on a daily basis, and when we were able to pick up our dog, we even got a refund as she did not require as many days as been expected. The staff continued to check with us on our dog's progress while we were on the road back home. I highly recommend this veterinary service.

    Kim O.   /   2 years ago

  • Efficient and high quality I was impressed with the service. Coming in at a weird hour and as a new customer I was unsure how the visit would go but I was very pleased. They had a great deal of respect for my dog and my time.

    Holly M.   /   2 years ago

    Response from Bluegrass Veterinary Specialists

    Thank you very much for taking the time to review our hospital. Your feedback enables us to evaluate our work. Thank you for entrusting us with the care of your precious pet.

  • Compassionate and highly skilled Caregivers gave high quality care. Everything was fully explained and I never felt rushed. They were there for me when I needed them. Expensive though.

    Rosalie S.   /   2 years ago

  • High quality Na

    Shane H.   /   2 years ago

  • Very thorough I brought my dog in for a diagnosis of lameness, the emergency vet who saw her was very thorough in her exam, even seeking another opinion from her colleagues. Though it was not the outcome I had hoped for, I did get the answer I sought.

    Pam S.   /   2 years ago

  • We weren’t really sure what was wrong with our Great Dane when our primary vet sent us to BVS. The team there worked around the clock to get answers to why his health was deteriorating so quickly. Everyone was really nice and even when we had to take him to UT to see a neurosurgeon they still called to check in on him. I would recommend BVS to anyone who’s pet is need of help.

    Regina C.   /   2 years ago

  • Very satisfied with care received.

    Diane C.   /   2 years ago

  • Compassion and quality care from all staff members I recently took my cat, Sammy, in for an echocardiogram to monitor his heart murmur. Everyone from the reception desk, I believe her name is Lauren, to the doctor were very welcoming and gave outstanding customer service. Dr. Antu Radhakrishnan is amazing! He explained in full detail options for treatment. He also informed me that check ups are at a discounted rate to help with follow up treatment. This is extremely helpful since vet bills can quickly add up. I have been to other specialist offices that did not offer a discounted rate and am thankful that BVS does. Definitely a place I trust with my fur babies!!

    Rhea W.   /   2 years ago

    Response from Bluegrass Veterinary Specialists

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience at our hospital through a review. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to provide us with your feedback. It helps us assess our performance.

  • Top Quality Care, Personable Experience This place is legitimately the best of the best. The quality of care that you receive from the entire staff is top notch. My pet had to stay overnight twice and I was updated at all hours and received calls/texts from the veterinary specialists. Would highly recommend!

    Ariel L.   /   2 years ago

    Response from Bluegrass Veterinary Specialists

    Thank you for taking the time to review our hospital and your experience. We greatly appreciate your feedback and business.

  • Due to our dog not being emergent we waited over 2 hours before a vet ever saw our dog. No one came in at all during this time to update us or let us know when someone might be with us. Our total visit time was close to 5 hours for a UTI.

    Christy B.   /   2 years ago

    Response from Bluegrass Veterinary Specialists

    Thank you for taking the time to review our hospital. We greatly appreciate the feedback. We are disappointed to hear about your long wait and lack of communication updates. Our staff is trained to provide wait-time expectations and regular updates to clients, especially in exam rooms. We shared your review with our entire staff and have reminded them to be mindful and considerate of our client's time by providing reasonable wait-time expectations and communicating with clients about any delays in being seen. Again, we appreciate your review and business.

  • Great staff.... and more! While I had an appt for a Friday, I arrived with my dog on Thursday evening because of his increasing lethargy. Without waiting, we were greeted, a brief history taken and was immediately taken back for evaluation. Within 10-15 mins, I was taken to a room and soon, Dr. Bowen met with me to discuss findings. She was thorough in explaining what she thought needed to be done and answered any questions I had. Then, a tech discussed an itemized statement with me and took my payment. They encouraged me to call at any time for an update, etc. Since I live an hour away, I called the next morning and Dr. Pratt returned my call in a timely fashion. After more testing was done, she called again, discussed the diagnosis, along with treatment plan and prognosis. I was able to bring him home later that day and Dr. Pratt was thorough in explaining discharge information, medications, etc. and patiently answered my questions. This was my first experience with Bluegrass Veterinary Specialists and if needed, I will return again!

    Janet S.   /   2 years ago

    Response from Bluegrass Veterinary Specialists

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience at our hospital. We greatly appreciate the first-hand explanation of how our hospital and services run. We appreciate you taking the time to write a review and for your confidence in our care!

  • "Very thorough and the Drs and staff were great" We know you all took the very best care of Daisy that you could. Her life was filled with so many people who loved and cared about her. Thank you again for helping us thru our sad time. I will recommend Blugrass Veterinary Specialists to anyone.

    Christy C.   /   2 years ago

  • Thankful for after hours emergency care ! I am so thankful for the compassionate and excellent care the vets at Bluegrass Vet gave my cat,Coal. He was quickly diagnosed and had to stay overnight.The vets over the course of 48 hours communicated with me by phone on his care and update me on his status which I really appreciated. They encouraged me to visit . I highly recommend the Hyperbaric oxygen therapy which made him recover quickly and he liked it .I also received a follow-up call after he came home checking on how he was doing. I am glad that that there is such a place for after our emergencies and such a compassionate and knowledgeable staff available .

    Rebecca D.   /   2 years ago

    Response from Bluegrass Veterinary Specialists

    Thank you for taking the time to review our hospital. We greatly appreciate your feedback. It truly helps us evaluate the care and service we provide.

  • Excellent customer service!!!!! Customer service was far above any expectation I had! They even followed up to check on Coco later-don’t even get that from my regular vet!!

    Candy R.   /   2 years ago

  • Excellent!

    Steve C.   /   2 years ago

  • Nice staff; Good Value My dog was sent there for 2 days. Staff updated me twice daily, seemed very nice

    Deana W.   /   2 years ago

  • Suann B.   /   2 years ago

  • They r so great and was awsome to casper

    Sabrine B.   /   2 years ago

  • Knowledgeable and courteous staff Staff is always helpful and courteous. Vets have immense knowledge. Facility has all the best equipment for treating my dog.

    Anita R.   /   2 years ago

  • Excellent care My 16 yr old dog passed away sunday morning. The staff there saw to it that his remains were taken care in a very efficient manner. They were VERY good to me.

    Mary M.   /   2 years ago

  • Excellent Service, Great People!! My dog had a back injury and they treated her amazing, she had treatment in the hyperbaric chamber and they were very thorough and took excellent care of her! Highly recommend them!!

    Tracy U.   /   2 years ago