• Very Reasonable Price for Wisdom Tooth Extraction. Same day apt and surgery. Professional Customer Service

    Jewellyn N.   ·   Google   ·   1 month ago

  • My partner got his wisdom teeth removed late in the day and our uber got lost, leaving us there after hours. Dr. Brown and the techs were so helpful, letting us stay indoors until I could order us a new ride.

    Brianna R.   ·   Google   ·   7 months ago

  • Andrew F.   ·   Google   ·   1 year ago

  • Simply awesome!!! Dr. Brown and his entire team are amazing. I had tooth pain for about a month. Called several dentist who asked no questions and just gave appointments, however once there they didn’t extract teeth so what a waste of time. Found Dr. Brown and I hit gold. He could see that I had a fear so he calmed me down immediately. He also advised everything that was happening. To be honest I don’t recall much more. I do know that I’m out of pain since that moment. Please if you need a tooth or teeth removed go see Dr Brown!!!!!

    Terry D.   ·   1 year ago

  • Simply awesome!!! Dr. Brown and his entire team are amazing. I had tooth pain for about a month. Called several dentist who asked no questions and just gave appointments, however once there they didn't extract teeth so what a waste of time. Found Dr. Brown and I hit gold. He could see that I had a fear so he calmed me down immediately. He also advised everything that was happening. To be honest I don't recall much more. I do know that I'm out of pain since that moment. Please if you need a tooth or teeth removed go see Dr Brown!!!!!

    mykel M.   ·   Google   ·   1 year ago

  • I've never ever had a provider that was this friendly, informative, gentle etc. He even left me a voice mail with his contact in case something came up. I am deathly afraid of the dentist so it's a show everytime I go lol. He made sure I was comfortable, gave me a blanket and made sure I felt safe. I cannot say enough about him. My go to now!

    tina C.   ·   Google   ·   1 year ago

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    Tina, thank you very much for taking the time to provide us with your wonderful feedback!

  • My son had all 4 of his wisdom teeth removed, Dr Brown and his staff were so nice & Kind . Dr Brown answered all of my questions and he even gave me a followup call that night to check on my son. Excellent Bedside Manner!!!! Hands down THE BEST DOCTOR EVER!!!

    Tisha M.   ·   Google   ·   1 year ago

    Response from Dr. Stephen C. Brown Oral Surgery

    Wow, Tisha! Thank you so much for taking the time to provide us with that amazing five-star review!

  • Johna G.   ·   Google   ·   1 year ago

  • I just got all 4 wisdom teeth taken out plus an extra molar that was impacted, and I must say that Dr. Brown and his team are amazing. Super friendly and professional. Highly recommend going here if you need a procedure done.

    Michael D.   ·   Google   ·   1 year ago

  • AMAZING!! I contacted this office after multiple days of reaching out to other Drs trying to get an emergency appt. I was in severe pain and had been turned away by general dentist because my nerve was exposed. Once I contacted Dr.Stephens office I was scheduled to be seen the same day and was offered a surgical option for the same day!! The Dr was very pleasant and explained everything before putting me to sleep. I would recommend them to anyone in need!!

    Octavian H.   ·   1 year ago

  • Terrance T.   ·   Google   ·   1 year ago

  • Problems with dental insurance please read my case... But before you do... Dr. Brown and his staff helped me in an emergency case. I was in severe pain and needed two extractions and nobody would take me instead advised me to go north of Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania bc everyone in the area was booked. Fortunately and thank God for doctors like Dr Brown and his staff, took care of me the same day and it was after hours...I was able to sleep for the first time in days. Moving on... I saw how some people got angry over the insurance bc they don't read the fine print. I'm a retired female Marine and I too use Tri-care for Life and GEHA. Most federal dental insurances pay for the extraction but if you decide that you want general anesthesia the insurance DOES NOT cover it. People need to read their policies before jumping into conclusions. Do your homework instead of attacking the people who work there. I learned a lot by asking my current dental insurance and I felt that they are the ones that fall short. When you pick up the medicines that they send to your pharmacy those are covered by Tri-Care but medications used during oral surgery are not. I was an administrator and I dealt with matters like these bc people would complain instead of them picking up the phone and call THEIR insurance. Sorry if I offend people but I knew that I had to play for GENERAL anesthesia bc I chose it. I had four teeth extracted while I was in the Marine Corps and the Navy doesn't put you under. Most dental insurances don't pay for general anesthesia my daughter had her molar extracted the old way and she too is a veteran.

    Maria S.   ·   Google   ·   1 year ago

  • I cannot express with words the amazing team that works here. Dr. Brown, omg, he is definitely the man to see for all of your oral surgical needs. Do not look any further, I mean, he's the best! His staff is so knowledgeable. I'm not sure of the lady's name that was at the front desk but she blew my mind by reading my X-rays and actually pointing out and explaining what was there. So my general dentist (Dental One Associates) was going to let me do a root canal and crown, but the tooth that was there was half broken off; so as the receptionist(she's more than a receptionist, she knew more than the average) showed me, if they did a root canal and crown, there was nothing much left of the tooth to crown and i had lost some bone structure due to the decaying tooth underneath...Which when explained to me made good darn sense. So basically at my age, doing what my general dentist suggested, I would have spend a couple thousand dollars on dental work that would not have worked long term. Although I had to extract an extra tooth along with my wisdom tooth on the same side ? it just made sense to do so and when I'm healed, I can have a bridge placed in and a crown on my good side! Overall, just wanted to explain and share this experience with others. I'm the biggest 45 yr old baby you'll ever see when it comes to dentists. Dr, brown took his time and explained everything to me and here I am the next day, really not in pain and have not taken pain meds since yesterday. I can detect a slight ache, but nothing that makes me wanna go for a heavy pain pill! Also, his staff was amazing. My daughter works from home and had to travel 3 hours to help me out. They even gave her their WiFi password so she could from while I was being seen! And they did it without hesitation or anything. You guys are super awesome!

    Gigi B.   ·   Google   ·   1 year ago

  • Second time these guys have saved the day on short notice for me. This time on a Saturday when no one else was open. From the front desk and X-rays to the dental assistant and dr Brown everyone was amazing. will always return when needed.

    Robert E.   ·   Google   ·   1 year ago

  • Excellent service, awesome people, very friendly and helpful

    Christine M.   ·   1 year ago

  • Best experience I've ever had. Dr brown was quick and very explanatory.

    Austin C.   ·   Google   ·   1 year ago

  • This doctor Mr Brown is amazing he has helped me on now three different occasions with painful painful teeth. Very pleasant and professional.

    Casey G.   ·   Google   ·   1 year ago

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    We're so glad you think so, Casey! Thank you very much for taking the time to provide us with your five-star feedback.

  • Such a great experience I had a molar/crown removed by Dr Brown yesterday. What an amazing experience to remove my badly infected crown that resulted from a root canal failure a year ago. My dentist referred me to their partnering OS who couldn’t see me for another month. Dr Brown had removed my wisdom (I’m not a young girl) a few years ago very successfully so I called, got an appt the same week, have had almost no pain 25 hours after removal AND it cost $600 less. I’m heading back to see him for an implant. Dr brown and his staff are fabulous, evening checking on me the evening of surgery. I am clearly beyond pleased!

    Vicki C.   ·   1 year ago

  • Just had an extraction doctor Bruce is awesome woke up didn't know what happened . I'm feeling great thank you so much doctor Brown and the staff. Terrie jones

    Joe J.   ·   Google   ·   1 year ago

  • I can't say enough about the kind folks that work in this office. They are very professional and welcoming. Dr. Brown was awesome and even called to check on me after his extremely long day of work. I would recommend this place to anyone!

    Christine A.   ·   Google   ·   1 year ago

    Response from Dr. Stephen C. Brown Oral Surgery

    Thank you for the fantastic five-star review and recommendation, Christine!

  • I would highly recommend Dr Brown as an amazing oral surgeon! He and his staff are so personable and have a very positive atmosphere ! I have hardly any pain after a tooth extraction yesterday!

    Zaunathea N.   ·   Google   ·   1 year ago

  • Exceptional care Thankfully I had a tooth extracted yesterday. It had been a problem for some time. I am a very nervous patient but coming to Dr Brown's office was a very calming place. Dr. Brown explained what was going to happen and reassured me. It was just as he said. Today is a great day now that tooth is out. I have already told others to come here. If I ever need to I will not hesitate.

    Dawn F.   ·   1 year ago

  • Called and told them I needed my wisdom teeth out and they squeezed me in just days later. I went in super nervous but the professionalism of the staff calmed my nerves.Dr. Brown answered all of my questions before I had the opportunity to even ask. He even gave me a courtesy follow up call to check on me. I would imagine it's hard to give a customer four teeth removed would be a great experience but I had an excellent experience today. Give them a call. They will take care of you.

    Jacob T.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • Dr. Brown and staff are amazing. I was in so much pain on a Saturday and they got me in same day. Dr. Brown explained everything to me. When I woke up I even tho on pain medicine I felt an immediate relief. My insurance hadn’t covered all my services but Belina was so helpful at explaining all to me. Great Team. I give more than 5 stars .

    Kelly R.   ·   2 years ago

  • Carolyn G.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • My daughter had to unexpectedly have all four wisdom teeth out two days before Christmas. Dr. Brown and his staff were Amazing!! The warmth and compassion showed to us was off the chart! Never have I ever met such wonderful people in a Drs office. And he even called my daughter to check on her. A true Christmas Blessing. Thank you.

    Elizabeth K.   ·   2 years ago

  • Saw my wife same day for oral surgery to remove a broken tooth that we'd been unable to get help with anywhere else, for months. Fantastic office.

    Cody O.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • Selena B.   ·   Yelp   ·   2 years ago

  • Absolutely the Best!!! Dr. Brown and his staff are amazing. I’ve had a nagging toothache for over a week. I cannot tell you how many people I called before I reach Dr. Brown’s office. Although they did not have an appointment, the receptionist indicated that I could come at 5 PM in the afternoon as a walk-in. Dr. Brown and his staff would stay after hours to manage my problem tooth.I was treated with the upmost kindness. I was beside
    myself with the care this office provided. Thank you Dr. Brown and staff

    James M.   ·   2 years ago

  • I had a dental emergency and Dr. Brown's staff was able to work me in that day where other dental offices were trying to schedule me 4 days out. I have nothing but the best to say about the staff, their COVID precautions, and the dental work of Dr. Brown himself. Absolutely exceptional dental office, and will be my go to for any future dental needs. Absolutely stellar.

    Jeremy L.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

    Response from Dr. Stephen C. Brown Oral Surgery

    Jeremy, we sincerely appreciate the kind five-star review!

  • First let me start off by saying that anyone who gives Fredericksburg Oral Surgeon a bad review must be a "Karen" or is just miserable in life. This is the best office I have ever stepped foot in. I was referred here by my original oral surgeon and let me tell you I couldn't be happier. I had to go to the ER for a severe tooth infection and called Dr. Browns office on a Friday. They worked me right in as an emergency walk in on Saturday when I had a reliable ride. Unfortunately my insurance wouldn't cover the whole expense and I would of had to pay 1500 out of pocket. I didn't have that kind of money but Mrs. Belita explained every option I had and tried time and time again for me for care credit threw a couple different co-signers. Her patience and her personality was fantastic. You could tell she wasn't going to let me leave there without exhausting every single option. I finally got approved through the willingness of this wonderful staff. Not to mention their office starts closing at 3 and they stayed late just to get me the care I needed. All the nurses were so nice and caring and Dr. Brown has to be the most experienced and most gentle, polite man I may have ever had the pleasure of speaking with period and is way beyond any dentist/surgeon I have ever been too. He explained everything to me before my operation and even spoke to me while he was giving me the "night-night juice"! Lol I am still just blown away by how wonderful this place is in this cruel world we now live in. It gives you hope that there are still people that actually care about your health instead of just trying to get paid and get you out of there. I would give this place a 100 stars if I could. The whole staff went above and beyond. Thank you Fredericksburg Oral Surgeon for all your hard work and dedication. - Dylan

    Dylan .   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • Dr. Brown was amazing and so caring . My whole experience from the late Friday night I called in pain I was immediately given an appointment the following day Saturday. Upon my arrival I was greeted with a friendly warm like they knew me personally and it was my first visit. I was in pain and scared but Dr Brown and all his staff took time to explain everything to me . I am forever grateful and thankful for finding this pace and their excellent care for people ? !!!! Definitely recommend them !!!!!

    Kim R.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • Lisa C.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • Long wait but they did amazing job. You need to use them

    Justin H.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • My dad spent like over $1000 for a major procedure and I need to emphasize that over $400 for the knockout drugs is a great deal for how effective they are. The staff is awesome and the perfect mix between casual friendliness and competent professionalism. It's probably the knockout drugs keeping me happy on the ride home. It was a great 2 or 3 hours, I'm pretty sure my sleep was completely dreamless. A comfortable chair that I was feeling so Hakunah Matata I didn't even have any worries to be dreaming about, just straight up completely totally asleep. And Dr Brown really paid attention to want I wanted to say about Magic the Gathering cards. Basically their office is over 5 miles from my house and it felt more like really good next door neighbors 5 yards from my house. Sleep was awesome I just wish I'd been awake enough to talk more to them because they were really great people. I could have learned more if I stared at the needle and asked more questions. McDonald's afterwards I ordered plain water instead of iced coffee because I'm really trying to show respect for the job well done they took care of me. Comments and reviews are important and I think the best way to respect dentists is to try get used to drinking only water and milk with no coffee in it. Sometimes the dentist is scary or painful but in this case I felt like I was meeting you Friendly Neighborhood Mr. Rogers Spider-Man. It's expensive but it was worth every dime and I just got good financial news before the IV started and I really hope it's me paying the money instead of Dad soon. I know I sound high lol. Okay maybe I Exactly Am a little high. Anyway as much as I joked around with the nice people I wish I had tried harder to be formal because they've got hard important work and they did it really really well and I want to make their job easier and respect them like they respected me. The least I can do is say "6 stars out of 5 would definitely get my teeth pulled here again." It was especially cool they showed real interest in my trading cards. Looking forward to next week follow up and I'm going to try to think of the smartest things to say and pay attention to. I swear I'm not high lol I am just wondering whether "I trust them to drop a cartoon anvil on my head" or "I might even trust them without any painkillers at all." I wish I wasn't addicted to coffee. Even straight black coffee is really acidic. Anyway this was a very very very good good oral surgery center at Mary Washington Hospital Campus. Dr was dressed to the nines for Covid-19 like an astronaut crossed with a firefighter. It's really important in the age of social media to positively encourage gratitude in good reviews and they earned 5 stars and a good story. They were actively fun so I felt it was worth saying more than "nothing went wrong". They made me happy and comfortable *before* they even put the IV in so when I *know* I was stressing over other things while completely sober, they made my day easier and I feel 99% certain I would still leave a fantastic review even if they had a shortage on the painkillers and we had to do it old fashioned style. They are really good people and I had a great day and I wish I could go back tomorrow first thing in the morning but they want to wait a week before seeing how the treatment plan is coming along. And I was really jealous of the awesome metal nose clip the guy in the space suit had to help keep his Covid mask in place firmly because mine is always slipping off my nose. I was paying a lot of attention in the waiting room to how the secretary answered the phone, and she was really nice in a particularly professional way too and I'm trying to get better at being that professional myself. I guess I'm always gonna be a goof ball but it would be so much better in this world if people would spend more time on positive reviews. Next time I will be less wordy and figure out how to be just as appreciative but in a super medieval scientific way. When the things goes RIGHT it just makes you feel amazing.

    Matthew F.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • Nothing but excellence in my experience, he is amazing! Not only is Dr. Brown the best oral surgeon a person could have, he is also a very kind and gental man. He skilled cannot be topped in anyway. From the front desk staff to all his staff are so wonderful and friendly. I was petrified but from my first phone call to leaving my surgery they put me right at ease. Even the president of the United States could not find better care !! I absolutely loved Dr. Brown and all his staff. If I were to ever need further surgery I won't hesitate to go back. I would never use anyone else now that I have had the best oral surgeon!

    Gladys C.   ·   2 years ago

  • Nothing but excellence to be had by seeing Dr. Brown and his staff. Not only the very best oral surgeon but a very kind, gental , skilled person. His staff could not be more friendly or reassuring.

    Cole C.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • Catie S.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

    Response from Dr. Stephen C. Brown Oral Surgery

    Catie, we are so grateful for the five-star feedback! Thanks!

  • Made a difficult situation as pleasant as possible Dr. Brown made my visit as pleasant as possible. He was incredibly attentive to my needs and anxiety and went out of his way to put me at ease. His explanations were thorough and clear. The procedure was performed quickly. The staff was very helpful and I truly appreciate the care I received from all involved. Thank you for making a very difficult situation easier.

    Bruce H.   ·   3 years ago

    Response from Dr. Stephen C. Brown Oral Surgery

    Thank you for taking time out of your busy holiday season to acknowledge our office. We love to hear from our patients. Hope your have a speedy recovery and a Happy New Year. Best regards, Dr. Brown

  • Excellent Tooth Extraction Outcomes and Professional Staff! All five of my family members have had work done by Dr. Stephen Brown over the years and we all had excellent results! During our COVID period both my son (four teeth) and I had tooth extractions without complications or infections. Dr. Brown minimizes pain and takes full precautions against virus/bacteria. My wife is an RN and she is impressed with Dr. Brown. The office and staff are well managed by Belita. Belita is an expert in coordinating insurance benefits, resolving issues and billing. Thank you for a job well done!

    Carl Lyons
    Fredericksburg, VA

    Carl L.   ·   3 years ago