• Jackie is fabulous! She is an outstanding hygienist... best I have ever encountered! She is personable, knowledgeable and goes the extra mile with regard to individual needs and advice for specific dental care. I actually look forward to my appointments!

    D.D. .   /   Doctible   /   1 week ago

  • This office is like a little family. I travel from Blue Heron and I-95 to go to this office because the staff and doctors make me feel very comfortable. I have a fear of the dentist from bad Experiences in the past. They made sure I was relaxed and my pain was taken care of. I would not!! Go anywhere else. I am so happy I found them. Thanks you guys ❤️

    Mineka S.   /   Google+   /   2 weeks ago

  • The staff was extremely courteous and professional! A definite place to get your teeth checked and worked on!

    Juan O.   /   Google+   /   2 months ago

    Response from Designer Family Dental

    Hi Juan,

    Thank you for the awesome review! We look forward to seeing you again!!!

  • Laura R.   /   2 months ago

    Response from Designer Family Dental

    Hi Laura,
    Thank you for your generous four star rating. However our goal is to always provide a 5 star experience therefore we regret we didn’t meet your 5 star expectation. We will be following up for your feedback on how we can improve your future visits. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  • Excellent Service helpful and professional staff for Caula's family.

    Sebastian C.   /   Google+   /   3 months ago

  • Overall outstanding, high-quality experience! I had an appointment with Designer Family Dental on Thursday, November 1, 2018. The appointment was scheduled as follow-up to an excellent phone consultation with Dr. Adami. From the moment I entered the Designer Family Dental, Delray Beach location, it was evident that I was in a special dental practice with a team of doctors and staff who are very professional in their respective areas of responsibility, and sincerely care about the well-being of all patients. This was further confirmed as I was greeted by Robert R., Clinical Director, and treated by Karen M., Treatment Plan Coordinator, and Dr. Pennington. This outstanding visit was ended with a very cordial salutation by Holli D., Front Office Coordinator, as I was leaving. Furthermore, I received a much appreciated follow-up call the next day from Dr. Adami, inquiring if my visit had gone well. I would highly recommend Designer Family Dental and look forward to a long-term quality relationship!

    Thomas S.   /   3 months ago

  • Always fast, easy and painless. I've been with them for 4 years now and very happy.

    Kelly M.   /   Google+   /   3 months ago

  • Excellent Service. Employees are wonderful. Been using them since we moved to Fla.

    Barry W.   /   Google+   /   3 months ago

  • Always a pleasure to come to DFD! Holli is always so professional and welcoming at the front desk, and Stephanie does an amazing cleaning. Would follow them anywhere!

    Kaeli D.   /   Google+   /   4 months ago

    Response from Designer Family Dental

    Good morning Kaeli,

    Thank you for the amazing review! It’s always a pleasure having you and your family at the office! We look forward to seeing you soon!

  • Great team of professionals focused on fixing my problems and my comfort and well being.

    Kent J.   /   Google+   /   4 months ago

    Response from Designer Family Dental

    Thank you for the kind words Kent...we certainly aim to please!!

  • Great place great staff. Friendly welcoming and accommodating. My hygienist was absolutely amazing very attentive and made sure that I was very comfortable at all times.

    Jashua H.   /   Google+   /   4 months ago

    Response from Designer Family Dental

    Hi Jashua,

    Thank you for taking the time to leave a great review! It’s a pleasure having you as a member of the DFD Family!

  • I have been a patient at Designer Family Dental for a number of years. The practice has two locations. Both the Delray Beach and Boynton Beach locations are professionally managed. Robert and Brandi are alway helpful. Holly, the front office manager is friendly and very competent.

    Dr. Santo has been my dentist at the Boynton Beach location. Along with Stephanie her dental hygienist I know I am always in good hands. Recently I needed a more complicated dental procedure completed. Dr Quesada in the Delray office was able to successfully retreat my root canal. He is a highly skilled dentist and very kind. His medical assistant, Stephanie is excellent. I am greatful to Dr. Quesada for his competency in completing my retreatment.
    I highly recommend Designer Family Dental.

    Susan K.   /   Google+   /   4 months ago

  • Expert care and kind staff. Compassionate place for dental scaredy-cats like me.

    Jo Ann D.   /   Google+   /   4 months ago

  • Going to the dentist has always given me extreme anxiety. From the moment you walk through the door at Designer Family Dental you are put at ease by reception who is very friendly and eager to assist. All of my questions were answered without feeling rushed. It was stated over and over again that their main priority is patient comfort and providing the best all around experience. Dr. Pennington and Ivi were amazing and patient from start to finish and even stayed late to help me in a last minute emergency. I will never go anywhere else!

    Jillian J.   /   Google+   /   4 months ago

  • Super nice staff clean and great place to have dental work done.

    Rob L.   /   Google+   /   4 months ago

    Response from Designer Family Dental

    Hi Rob,
    It was great having you at the office! We look forward to seeing you soon!

  • Came here at the recommendation of my friend Holli, was not dissapointed. My receptionist Holli, Dental Hygienist Stephanie, and Dentist Dr. Santos made my Dentist visit pleasant and easy. Go here for any of your Dental Needs!

    Tanvir A.   /   Google+   /   4 months ago

  • This has to be the best dental experience that I've ever had! Friendly, courteous and efficient. They really care about you and making sure all your issues and concerns are addressed. Their care and treatment are always above and beyond my expectations. It's so nice to finally find a place where it's not about the dollars but about your dental health. I highly recommend them !

    Ellen S.   /   Google+   /   4 months ago

  • Dr Andrea Santos is one of the best dentists I’ve ever met. Her professional manner and calm demeanor make her very special. She is a terrific dentist!

    Bob G.   /   Google+   /   4 months ago

  • A pleasure to rate and review Designer Family Dental. I went for a cleaning and ended up having an extraction. Ouch, not what I expected!!
    The entire staff is professional, polite and proud of their role. From beginning to end I felt well informed and given options to choose from.
    I appreciate the time the Doctor spent with me explaining the procedure, it put me at ease and allowed me to trust.
    The assistants are amazing knowing what to do and what to say to relax a nervous patient as myself.
    Thank you all for all you do.

    Alice R.   /   Google+   /   4 months ago

    Response from Designer Family Dental

    Alice thank you for your outstanding review! We take pride in providing our patients with a thorough evaluation in route towards getting them to as healthy a state as possible! It was certainly a pleasure having you at the office! Welcome to the DFDfamily!

  • Irene G.   /   Google+   /   4 months ago

    Response from Designer Family Dental

    Thank you for loving us as much as we love you! We appreciate our team members as much as we love our patients :)

  • I was in extreme pain and I called up on a Tuesday afternoon a little after 2 pm to make an appointment figuring I'd get an appointment the next week or at best, later in that week. Much to my surprise, they had an availability, or probably made themselves available to see me that day after I expressed that I was in so much pain.

    After filling out the initial new patient paperwork I met Dr. Pedro Quesada and a few dental technicians. They could tell I was in discomfort, to say the least. Embarrassingly, I explained to them that I do not see dentists on a regular basis, like I should. After some x-rays I was told that I would need an extraction. Never having had one, I asked several questions of which he answered, in detail, all of them.

    Not only did did he pull my tooth out but he did an implant and bone graph that same appointment! He even took my blood, separating the plasma to make the graph. I've never even heard of dentists taking blood, and let me tell you, I've donated blood at least a dozen times and he may have been the best, as far as it not hurting. I left there in amazement, from not even expecting to get an appointment that day, to complete dental surgery, and most importantly, pain relief in the same day !!!

    Kudos to Designer Family Dental, Dr. Quesada, Stephanie, and the entire staff. They made me feel more than comfortable at a place where I've never felt comfortable. I will be back again and often. Thanks Designer Family Dental.

    Michael S.   /   Google+   /   4 months ago

    Response from Designer Family Dental

    I'm thrilled that we were able to help so thoroughly and so quickly Michael. Thank you for sharing your experience!

  • Pain free procedure. Dr. Quesada called the next day to see how I was doing.

    L H.   /   Doctible   /   4 months ago

  • Thanks for always being so great!!

    N G.   /   Doctible   /   5 months ago

  • I love Designer Dental! I've had a few dental hygienist and they are all wonderful. Extremely knowledgeable and very nice. They make going to the dentist somewhat enjoyable. Highly recommend!

    Rebecca L.   /   Google+   /   5 months ago

  • Overall, the clinic and staff are the most professional team I've experienced. Thank you! Keep up the excellent customer service.

    TL .   /   Doctible   /   5 months ago

  • The hygienist was caring, asked the right questions to make sure the procedure was thorough but painless. She was patient keeping in mind I’m an older person with tooth sensitivity; her tone of voice was also soothing and our conversation was pleasant

    L H.   /   Doctible   /   5 months ago

  • The lady who cleaned my teeth was the best I’ve ever had. She was very gentle and ask if I would like for my gums to be numbed which I did. She was very good in every way. Can’t remember her name but mine is Betty Hipolite.

    Betty .   /   5 months ago

  • Frank L.   /   Google+   /   5 months ago

  • Marsha B.   /   Google+   /   5 months ago

  • WOW so impressed with the professionalism of the staff, cleanliness of the overall office. The staff was engaging and polite It was my first time, so I received a through evaluation from xrays - to gum. Karen was incredible explaining each procedure and why. After my evaluation, Dr. Pennington did a review and put a plan together for my crown and to fill a tooth. Great experience. thank you Designer Family Dental...

    Nostalgic M.   /   Google+   /   5 months ago

  • Very professional Dr Ressler solves your problems Right the first time. Staff & office are good.

    SR .   /   Doctible   /   5 months ago

  • Sean S.   /   Google+   /   5 months ago

  • Very friendly staff always professional I would recommend Designer Dental to all of my friends

    Debra S.   /   Google+   /   5 months ago

  • Designer Family Dental in Delray Beach has absolutely been there whenever I needed to see them and the work the dentist and assistants are so amazing and are so qualified to do the work they do. I highly recommend DFD to anyone who needs any dental or extensive work done, such as myself who has had implant work. Susan P.

    Susan P.   /   Google+   /   5 months ago

    Response from Designer Family Dental

    Hi Susan,

    Thank you for your positive feedback and entrusting DFD with your needs. Exceptional experiences and outstanding outcomes are our priority!

  • I can't believe I just gave such a wonderful review to a Dental office but they have earned it. I can't believe I'm saying this about a Dentist BUT Designer Dental is the best bar none!! I've been going to Designer for several years and I've found that everyone is a pleasure to speak with. The Dentists are as good as the best I've had for the many years I've been around. The dental assistants are the best. Just a wonderful experience to go to Designer Dental.

    Robert M.   /   Google+   /   6 months ago

  • Janet L.   /   6 months ago

  • My dentist listens to me and is very thorough. The bridge she did for me is excellent, and when she finished up my crown after I had a root canal, did an excellent job as well.

    Mary C.   /   Google+   /   6 months ago

    Response from Designer Family Dental

    Hi Mary,

    Its a pleasure having you as part of the Designer family! Thank you for your glowing review! We look forward to seeing you at your next visit!

  • Great office. Best dentist Dr. Santos

    William W.   /   Google+   /   6 months ago

    Response from Designer Family Dental

    Thank you William! Dr Santo appreciates the positive feedback!

  • Always an easy, quick, pleasant visit to DFD. The staff is super friendly and it never really feels like "going to the dentist". Relaxed environment with great results.

    Kelly M.   /   Google+   /   6 months ago