• Shelley M.   /   2 weeks ago

  • Bruce S.   /   2 weeks ago

  • good customer svc love the DR Sanoval very professional very details

    Brunilda C.   /   2 weeks ago

  • Excellent service Excellent service, The Dr is very kind , the reception lady was very helpful and sweet I love this place.

    Claudia M.   /   2 weeks ago

  • Scott M.   /   2 weeks ago

  • Jeffrey L.   /   2 weeks ago

  • I did my right aye early & supper happy I don’t even wear reading glasses or anything my Doctor was Awesome so glad I did it Just one eye done first and it was amazing got see so so good no reading glasses or anything just got left eye done the staff are so good on top of everything so organized & clean best experience I could ask for and I was very afraid he knew it but he was so confident & he was right so glad I got them both done I told my friends & one going tomorrow 5 Star

    Shelley M.   /   3 weeks ago

  • Very timely and organized. Appointment flowed smoothly. Very short wait. People very friendly and professional.

    David L.   /   3 weeks ago

  • Professional, personal and very informative. Dr. Hyman and her staff rock! I've been to a few different optometrists over the last 3 years and Kerry is amazing. I highly recommend her and her staff!

    Jeffrey B.   /   3 weeks ago

  • Love these professions

    Shirley S.   /   1 month ago

  • Prompt and efficient care .

    Viviana J.   /   1 month ago

  • Edwin R.   /   1 month ago

  • Diagnosed with Macular Degeneration of both eyes several years ago and want to praise the entire staff for their kindness but also to give praise where praise is due to Samantha Xavier, M.D., my optical physician. Having suddenly and unexpectedly be diagnosed with bilateral (both eyes) Macular Degeneration at a fairly young age of sixty-three, needless to say I was terribly frightened as to what might be awaiting me and my vision future. My entire professional career had been one of being a medical doctor with a specialty of Radiology (commonly referred to as a Radiologist) and my vision was in essence the basis of my livelihood. When I unexpectedly noticed an instant slight vision change I went immediately to The Florida Eye Clinic where the diagnosis was established. Initially it was shocking but thanks to every single staff member in this practice I was quickly put at ease by the kindness and guidance and most importantly the encouragement of the entire staff. I feel so privileged, or should I say honored, to have Samantha Xavier, MD, as the physician who has treated me and guided me through this unplanned journey I've been faced with. Simple words cannot describe how wonderful, knowledgeable and kind Dr. Xavier is and how she encompasses attributes that aren't necessarily taught strengths (kindness, bed side manner, listening, compassion, etc.) and that special talent of putting someone at ease during a difficult time. My macular degeneration treatment includes having intraocular (directly in the eye) injections in each eye each month resulting in two shots a month which initially, I must admit, was a terrible thought but quickly realized it was just the thought of this being done only to discover,, thanks to Dr. Xavier, its actually painless and in the totality of life a small price to pay to maintain my vision. Again, my highest admiration for Samantha Xavier, M.D. - who is indeed my optical physician that I extol but also has become a cherished peer and dear friend.

    Paul N.   /   1 month ago

  • Professional I felt that I received great individual care from start to finish. Much more thorough treatment than I have received elsewhere.

    Terrence C.   /   1 month ago

  • Excellent Doctor! Dr. Pappas did my surgery with no complications and a fast recovery.I felt confident putting my eyes in his hands!

    Nissim A.   /   1 month ago

  • Good service

    Janet P.   /   1 month ago

  • This location was able to get me in on the next day. they were very busy, not nearly as busy as the location in Altamonte though. The techs were excellent and Dr. Jochum is superb.

    Cheryl S.   /   1 month ago

  • Great office Quick and easy. Hardly any wait. The staff was great and the doctor was very informative and all in a language I understand.

    Jennifer A.   /   1 month ago

  • Wood M.   /   1 month ago

  • Were very helpful in getting me an appointment in only two days. The Doctor was very patient and thorough in the examination. Florida Eye Clinic was very easy to work with. I had an issue occur with one of my eyes and they were able to schedule me the very same day that I called. The Doctor was very professional and thorough with her examination. I have been going to Florida Eye Clinic for over twenty years and I will continue to make them my preference for eye care.

    Stephen P.   /   1 month ago

  • Highly recommend Staff is very professional and friendly. The only con I could say about this office is sometimes the waiting to see the doctor runs into a few hours, otherwise this eye clinic is the place to go.

    Denise V.   /   1 month ago

  • Great job Great staff and quick service

    Tangela M.   /   1 month ago

  • All the girls that help Dr. H. Pappas are excellent. They all make the patients feel comfortable. Dr. Pappas is the best doctor I have ever been to. He has the best manners and has a very good sense of humor. I was so glad to have him as my surgeon. Never expected to have such good vision Dr. Pappas is the best, all that and a bag of chips. He should have many more stars !

    Phoebe M.   /   1 month ago

  • High quality! I was really nervous about having cataract surgery. I am also claustrophobic. Dr. Bradley Shoss and his team were so friendly, personable, caring, and understanding. As well as knowledgeable and professional. I go to the Clermont office. Surgery was in Altamonte.

    Donna W.   /   2 months ago

  • Wonderful and Caring Doctor . The staff is great and always friendly! If it wasn't for Dr. Cady, I don't know if my husband would be here today. My husband, Leif went for his annual eye appointment and told him about a strange thing that happened to his eyes while driving on his job. He described a graying over of one of his eyes and thought possibly it was sun spots. However the other eye did the same thing as Leif describes it as a shade being pulled down. His sight came back and thought how strange! As soon as Leif told Dr. Cady, he got on the phone and spoke to Dr. Kinne, Leif's primary doctor which told him what happened. If it wasn't for Dr. Cady's quick thinking and being pro-active we would have no idea what was wrong. After seeing his primary doctor, Leif was told he had bilateral carotid arteries blocked @ 89% and 92% and has very high blood pressure! After a heart cath they found 3 blocked arteries. So Leif just had his first carotid done and now waiting to heal to have the second. Once he is all healed they will look at his heart next. Thank you so very much to Dr. Cady for for getting Leif where he needs to be. Dr. Cady is a very caring and remarkable doctor!

    Vicky G.   /   2 months ago

  • Excellent Service and attention I've been going to this location in Alta Monte for a year now. and been very pleased with their attention and service.I just had 2 cataract surgeries and my surgeon was Dr. H.Pappas.....what a terrific doctor !. He really makes you feel at home and explains to you in detail everything I need to know.I also did two Laser tear duct surgery with Dr.Cho and she was ,also, terrific.The pre-operation team was excellent....very nice people....always making sure you are comfortable.The surgery was fast and totally painless ....now. I'm recovering very well and my vision has improved 100% !To Dr. Pappas , Dr. Cho and all who contributed to both of my surgeries, I am extremely grateful .Thank You !!!!!

    Luis A.   /   3 months ago