• Wonderful and Caring Doctor . The staff is great and always friendly! If it wasn't for Dr. Cady, I don't know if my husband would be here today. My husband, Leif went for his annual eye appointment and told him about a strange thing that happened to his eyes while driving on his job. He described a graying over of one of his eyes and thought possibly it was sun spots. However the other eye did the same thing as Leif describes it as a shade being pulled down. His sight came back and thought how strange! As soon as Leif told Dr. Cady, he got on the phone and spoke to Dr. Kinne, Leif's primary doctor which told him what happened. If it wasn't for Dr. Cady's quick thinking and being pro-active we would have no idea what was wrong. After seeing his primary doctor, Leif was told he had bilateral carotid arteries blocked @ 89% and 92% and has very high blood pressure! After a heart cath they found 3 blocked arteries. So Leif just had his first carotid done and now waiting to heal to have the second. Once he is all healed they will look at his heart next. Thank you so very much to Dr. Cady for for getting Leif where he needs to be. Dr. Cady is a very caring and remarkable doctor!

    Vicky G.   /   2 days ago

  • Excellent Service and attention I've been going to this location in Alta Monte for a year now. and been very pleased with their attention and service.I just had 2 cataract surgeries and my surgeon was Dr. H.Pappas.....what a terrific doctor !. He really makes you feel at home and explains to you in detail everything I need to know.I also did two Laser tear duct surgery with Dr.Cho and she was ,also, terrific.The pre-operation team was excellent....very nice people....always making sure you are comfortable.The surgery was fast and totally painless ....now. I'm recovering very well and my vision has improved 100% !To Dr. Pappas , Dr. Cho and all who contributed to both of my surgeries, I am extremely grateful .Thank You !!!!!

    Luis A.   /   4 days ago

  • I have been going to Dr Nguyen for many years and she is great; I have complete trust in her. I see Dr Nguyen at the Lake Underhill location. She and her staff are very thorough and always update my information. I highly recommend Dr Nguyen for any eye related problem.

    Robert W.   /   2 weeks ago

  • I first went to Dr. Shoss in August 2018 for blurriness in my eye. They got me in immediately and he was able to recognize a rare condition with my eye that needed to be seen by a Retina Specialist. This condition had been previously missed by another doctor. Through Dr. Shoss's knowledge and education at Washington University School of Medicine he saved my vision!!! He and his staff are friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I was at the Clermont office. I was just in for my regular eye exam and my eyes are now healthy. I cannot thank Dr. Shoss and the Florida Eye Clinic enough. I can see my grandchildren - he saved my vision. Both times I was there, there was just a short wait to be seen. I am willing to wait to see this doctor and the this clinic.

    Pam J.   /   3 weeks ago

  • The best you can get! Dr. Pappas performed laser cataract surgery on both my eyes which included Bausch and Lomb lens implants. I can state that you cannot get a better doctor for this procedure. Dr. Pappas is a perfectionist who will provide you with the best of care. He remains my family’s eye surgeon and we are so happy to have him! If you have not yet had cataract surgery and are wondering what it’s like, it’s a piece of cake. Rest assured that I found it far less stressful than going to the dentist. The laser procedure takes 20 seconds, and the implants only a few seconds more. The amount of discomfort I felt during the procedure was zero. You will be assigned to a team of medical professionals prior to seeing Dr. Pappas who will provide expert anesthesiology to ensure your comfort. I believe most of this anesthesiology is to treat patient apprehension, an apprehension which is actually not warranted. Modern medicine is truly a miracle.

    ROGER L.   /   3 weeks ago

  • Outstanding service and professionalism Was referred to Dr Pappas for cataract surgery. Absolutely the friendliest, most approachable doctor I have ever been to. His demeaner gave me extreme confidence in his abilities and calmed any anxiety I may have had for two cataract surgeries. My vision is so improved that after only 2 months I have thrown my old thick glasses away. I will be a patient for as long as he practices

    Shelda O.   /   4 weeks ago

  • Fantastic service...perfect blend of professionalism and warm , caring attention to my problem Initially, I was extremely anxious about the cataract surgery, but Dr. Shoss and his staff put me at ease... so glad I ended up in their care!

    Janice H.   /   1 month ago

  • High Quality and Exceptionable Service Dr. Xavier and all of the front desk staff are exceptional. Every time my mom has an appointment at the Fl. Eye Clinic the attention given to her goes above and beyond. The quality of Dr. Xavier is superb. The Staff is always friendly and very detailed.

    Claudina M.   /   2 months ago

  • Excellent! Dr. Shoss and his staff are excellent. I had an eye injury that got infected. Was seen immediately thanks to his staff. Dr. Shoss saved the vision in my right eye. Very thankful I found him in Clermont. Highly recommended!

    j H.   /   2 months ago

  • Dr. Samantha Xavier is a gem. In addition, Pam and other staff members are friendly and professional.

    Eleanor Z.   /   2 months ago

  • Great experience Dr. Shoss is excellant Dr. Shoss has done both of my Cataract surgeries and he has done a great job. He explained everything and takes time to answer questions. I have sent several referrals to the Clermont office

    Debbie A.   /   2 months ago

  • I saw Dr. Samantha Xavier yesterday for my annual and also had some issue with dizziness/vertigo to discuss. She was wonderful, very professional, took the time to explain what might be happening and was very in tune to my situation and concerns. She is excellent and I would recommend her to everyone.

    JoAnn S.   /   2 months ago

    Response from Florida Eye Clinic

    We are very happy that your experience was one that makes you very satisfied as this is our goal.

  • High quality and excellent services! On February 28th, 2019, I came to the Florida Eye clinic and left with such an amazing experience due to Debbie. The amount of care and attention Debbie showed me as a customer was refreshing. Society today values productivity more than its people. Giving someone the time they deserve, kindness, and attention to detail is often overlooked with customer service based industries. Debbie has made an effort to not letting her customers feel this way and I left my eye exam feeling like I was heard and important.

    Harris J.   /   2 months ago

  • Great service! Dr. Hyman took her time in examining my eyes, and was very patient with my concerns. I was seen within 10 minutes after arrival. Was very impressed with the staff in obtaining my medical history. When I saw the doctor, everything was set. Dr. Hyman was careful to make sure my questions were answered, and was very patient with me when deciding which test lens was best to correct my vision. Dr. Hyman noticed that I sometimes have dry eyes, and gave me the name of the best eye drops for me. Sure enough, they did the trick. When I got my new glasses, I was very pleased on how much my vision improved. Thanks Dr. Hyman!

    Michael S.   /   2 months ago

  • Quick diagnosis of my eye issue and treated with kindness and professionalism I had a problem with my left eye that felt like something managed to get in it. After a few days of eye drops I went to my doctor and was told I had pink eye. Another few days of eye drops and it only got worse, this is when I came to have my eye checked by Dr. Hyman.After only a few minutes she correctly diagnosed and treated shingles following a nerve to my eye. She had me come back a couple of more times to be sure it didn’t spread; thanks to her outstanding service my eye is normal again. She is my angel.

    Michael B.   /   2 months ago

  • Great Doctor and very knowledgeable staff I have used this office before and feel very comfortable with them. Dr. Cady is extremely courteous and knowledgeable. I had Stacey set everything up and update all my new information, I know she has been with Dr. Cady for a good while and is extremely knowledgeable about what is required for a good vision check. I will continue to be a patient and highly recommend this office.

    Donald B.   /   3 months ago

  • I’ve received 1st class care from Florida Eye Clinic. I had a eye problem that I ignored for a few days. Dr. Shoss recognized that I needed emergency treatment, & assisted in having me seen immediately for my detached retina. I was at risk for losing my right eye vision. Surgery successful, thank you Dr. Shoss & Dr. Houston.

    Robert T.   /   3 months ago

  • Great doctors and the optician, Tralinda is amazing!

    TheJCnelson .   /   Google+   /   3 months ago

  • This place is great! First of all, I never have had to wait more than 20 minutes after checking in even when it's pretty full in the waiting room. I've had 2 surgical procedures done at this office and all of the staff and my specific doctor are very nice, professional, clean and thorough with explaining the causes of my problems and procedure instructions. I will come to this place for all of my future needs.

    Cameron .   /   Google+   /   4 months ago

  • Jacqueline M.   /   Google+   /   4 months ago

  • Dr Cady and staff personable, professional and excellent communication. Clean and comfortable facility

    Nicki K.   /   Google+   /   5 months ago