• I came across this place while taking classes at Polished Concrete University. I received a gift card for juice to you. Without the gift card I would have never tried this place but I'm glad I did. I definitely do not live a vegan lifestyle so this is not my cup of tea however I was pleasantly surprised with everything that I had. The cold pressed juices are very good. The food is pretty tasty considering that it is vegan. Their epoxy floor is beautiful!

    Ryan D.   /   Google+   /   1 day ago

  • Amazing food and service !

    Donna R.   /   2 weeks ago

  • This place is one of the few great ones left. I’m a very understanding not-complainey type person, but I’ve been so disappointed as a patron at a lot of businesses lately. Chili Mac and sloppy joe for 20 bucks was a million times better and more satisfying than the $100 disappointing meal that my boyfriend and I had last night. Their juices are fresh and delicious too. It’s nice to know there are still places that care about the satisfaction of their customers and about being excellent at what they do.

    Shaina H.   /   Google+   /   2 weeks ago

  • My favorite vegan friendly restaurant at the moment. Yummy smoothies, açaí bowls and is fairly priced for the quality it is :-)

    Mia N.   /   Google+   /   3 weeks ago

  • Jay H.   /   Google+   /   1 month ago

  • Delicious Food and Great Service I love the food and juices here. It never disappoints!

    Maddie O.   /   1 month ago

  • Great samples and even better food. I had the sloppy joes and mushroom burger, both were big and delicious. Would recommend to anyone who is on a healthy journey. They have enlightened you with different juice blends and also sale health and wellness products

    Monica V.   /   Google+   /   1 month ago

  • Quick First time , my smoothie was well mixed & tasted great

    Sylvie J.   /   1 month ago

  • Friendly Staff Staff is very friendly and their acai bowls are delicious!

    Lauren T.   /   1 month ago

    Response from Juice 2U

    We love them too!

  • Delicious and super healthy This place has delicious and super healthy juices and food. The prices are high but so is the quality. The staff are super nice too.

    Jared F.   /   1 month ago

  • Very good food

    Fabyulla L.   /   1 month ago

  • Best Organic Food ever

    Roberto D.   /   2 months ago

  • Jay H.   /   Google+   /   2 months ago

  • Excellent Smoothie & Juices.

    Seagull E.   /   Google+   /   2 months ago

  • Excellent Smoothie & Juices. The service was and fabulous!

    Renee B.   /   2 months ago

  • Danya J.   /   Google+   /   3 months ago

  • Jordyne R.   /   Google+   /   3 months ago

  • Jay D.   /   Google+   /   3 months ago

  • This place is beyond words! Food is delicious all plant based and organic, everything made in the house!

    Jill S.   /   Google+   /   3 months ago

  • L. B.   /   Google+   /   3 months ago

  • Doug M.   /   Google+   /   4 months ago

  • I have been attending this place for months now! I couldn’t be happier!!! This is hands down the BEST place to sit back and embrace the taste of organic FRESH foods, juices, smoothies & more! 100% vegan & SOY FREE!!!!! this is where you want to be!!!

    Melissa C.   /   Google+   /   4 months ago

  • Love this place! I enjoy relaxing in or being able to take out from this delicious organic plant based gem in the middle of Boca. So needed seems so appreciated here! Love the food and the juices are amazing... Thank you!!!

    Tracy M.   /   Google+   /   4 months ago

  • Daianna's F.   /   Google+   /   5 months ago


    Matthew G.   /   Google+   /   5 months ago

  • The more juice we drink, the more leads we get for our customers. You don’t need to spend money on a therapist, counselor, Doctor - juice 2U is a 1 stop shop!

    Brand N.   /   Google+   /   6 months ago

  • Lawrence D.   /   Google+   /   6 months ago

  • Super healthy, great staff !! 10/10

    ALVARRARI .   /   Google+   /   6 months ago

  • israel r.   /   Google+   /   8 months ago

  • This place is one of the best around. It is the only place that has 100% organic cold pressed juice in glass! The food is made fresh...If you haven't been here already, I highly recommend that you go...
    Also Very Clean!

    Cheri C.   /   Google+   /   8 months ago

  • Very knowledgeable, the food is delicious, they helped me drop the weight i needed to feel better and look better! They treated me like family and pointed me in the right direction of everything i asked and even was recommended, really worth a try.

    Brad L.   /   Google+   /   9 months ago

  • This place was great! We decided to start trying more vegan meals and this was a great option. I had the tacos it is it healthy and feeling. Krystal had the chili mac & not cheese. Mother-in-law had a kale salad, and I also had one other shakes. Place is very clean, staff is super friendly. We will definitely be coming back

    Luis & Crystal M.   /   Google+   /   9 months ago

  • Barbara S.   /   Google+   /   9 months ago

  • I love how clean and refreshing the vibe is. Great tasting and healthy plant based food. Best acai’s in South Florida, the PB&J one is to die for... the juices are fresh, cold pressed with organic ingredients! Best for a nourishing bite

    Camilla O.   /   Google+   /   10 months ago

  • The whole staff is amazing

    Danielle G.   /   Google+   /   11 months ago

  • Ruben M.   /   Google+   /   11 months ago

  • from the owners on down, incredible staff and great place to GET HEALTHY

    Jonathon L.   /   Google+   /   1 year ago

  • Had the most amazing experience here. Love the Organic Vegan food. The owners are such lovely people and enjoyed hearing their story. Come for the food & juice and stay for the atmosphere. Can’t wait to see the new locations. Check out how nice their floor is in here. Top Best for Food. Aloha!

    LIVET L.   /   Google+   /   1 year ago

  • Good juices.

    Dre A.   /   Google+   /   1 year ago