• 'm so grateful to have found Jenny K. at Massage Works! She is the first massage therapist that has truly made a difference in my tight shoulders and neck. Every session is perfectly tailored to what my body needs; she seems to know exactly what to do to provide relief, from deep tissue to cupping. In other words, she doesn't have a one-size-fits-all massage template that she runs through.

    The studio itself is quiet and peaceful. Easy to get to from LG or San Jose; plenty of parking in the lot.

    I highly recommend going here if you're in need of some good tension relief and relaxation!

    Amanda D.   ·   Yelp   ·   4 years ago

  • I've seen Tina regularly for close to 9 years and have always been happy with her treatment and customer focus. This review is long overdue. I'm very picky about massage therapists--they need to be strong enough for deep tissue work, know anatomy well enough not to dig into the wrong places, and create a comfortable, nonjudgmental space where I can relax and refresh. Tina does all three. And, on a few occasions when she's been booked solid, I've seen one of her staff with excellent results as well. If you want real, high-quality massage, you'll go to Massage Works LG.

    Kate W.   ·   Yelp   ·   5 years ago

  • Massage Works Los Gatos has been my go-to massage place for 10 years. Recently when founder Tina Deane was unavailable, I tried her associate Jenny Koenig. Jenny did an amazing job! Her approach is gentle but she got into and fixed a place on my shoulder that had been bothering me for months, one another massage therapist and a chiropractor couldn't heal. She also found areas of tension I hadn't mentioned and worked those out, too. I felt so relaxed and relieved after the experience. I would go see Jenny anytime.

    Kate W.   ·   Google   ·   5 years ago

  • What a great treat! Clean and very friendly Jenny was great I felt comfortable and totally relaxed.

    Jon P.   ·   5 years ago

  • Well done. Great massage

    Cindy S.   ·   5 years ago

  • Very good and relaxing experience. Jenny took great care in focusing on the areas most in need of attention. She gave just the right amount of pressure.

    John M.   ·   5 years ago

  • Great massage I came in limping in pain and walked out pain free. Jenny is a good listener and really focused on the areas that where I needed relief. It worked.

    Judy O.   ·   5 years ago

  • Clean premises. Good communication with therapist. Good massage.

    Judith F.   ·   5 years ago

  • Jenny was amazing! This was my first Mother's Day without my mom and I felt lost and stressed. She took it away and gave me peace. So relaxing! Really loved the neck and scalp massage. Thank You!

    Mary M.   ·   Yelp   ·   5 years ago

  • Healing for my aching body I rock climb and program software and am pretty hard on my body. Thankfully Jenny is able to work out the knots and repair the damage, which isn't easy to do. I feel like her massages are repairing older injuries, too, as I feel less pain overall since I started seeing her.

    Jeremy O.   ·   5 years ago

    Response from Massage Works Los Gatos

    Love to hear you are having less pain, thank you!

  • Great massage Jenny gave a great relaxing massage, just what I needed!

    Mary M.   ·   5 years ago

  • Wonderful Experience I loved getting a message here. Coming in I felt so welcomed in this beautiful place filled with wonderful energy; just by this, I was already feeling better. I felt the massage done with so much love and care. I definitely recommend it! Thank you much.

    Liza M.   ·   5 years ago

  • Abigail is Absolutely Amazing!! Abigail knew exactly what I needed. She worked on what I asked her to work on and I came out of my massage with great relief and no more pain.

    Ashley M.   ·   5 years ago

  • Car Accident Help I was in a car accident. My massage helped tremendously. My pain points were addressed. I left with a positive outlook and less pain.

    Kurtis S.   ·   5 years ago

    Response from Massage Works Los Gatos

    Thank you! So glad Abigail was able to help you after your accident!

  • Best Massage in Los Gatos. Tina has been working on me for 17 years and she is the best ever!

    Doug E.   ·   5 years ago

    Response from Massage Works Los Gatos

    Thanks Doug... really that long? Time flies!

  • High quality Hour long massage. Helped release stress and helped my pain ton. I could move again with no pain. Gentle massage.

    Christine B.   ·   5 years ago

    Response from Massage Works Los Gatos

    Thank you! So happy your pain was feeling better!

  • I strongly recommend Massage Works Los Gatos! I have been coming to Massage Works Los Gatos for years. Tina is an excellent massage therapist. I recently had a baby, which can leave your body feeling less than great. Tina was able to massage away the aches and pains. I left feeling refreshed and ready to take on motherhood again!

    Kelly B.   ·   Google   ·   5 years ago

  • Through my father-in-law I found out about Tina. I've been a few times, and have had a delightful experience. The place is clean, the ambience of the room where I had my massage was perfect, and the treatment itself was always refreshing. Anytime I've had a massage elsewhere, I use Tina's massages as my metric for excellence. She is gifted and will make you feel brand new!

    Omar S.   ·   Yelp   ·   6 years ago

  • I recently sprained my rotator cuff. I am a very active person and my job requires me to always be moving and lifting, and this shoulder injury was devastating.

    I was referred to Tina by my Chiropractor, so I knew she had to be the best. After a short description of where my pain was she knew EXACTLY where to treat. Her work was gentle yet efficient. I never had to wince in pain, yet I could tell she was getting the job done. About a week after my first treatment I was about 80% recovered and already working out again. I recently had a second treatment and I am continuing to progress with recovery.

    Very satisfied! I would recommend Tina any day!

    Vanessa N.   ·   Yelp   ·   7 years ago

  • Tina is the most incredible Massage Therapist. Each Time I go to her for a massage, she finds a new area that needs work, and I was not even aware of it before. She has laser-honing fingers that finds every tight area that needs to release. She also does some AMAZING Tom Myers releases on the heel. I live for these!!! I can recommend her highly enough. You will NOT be disappointed!!!

    Therese W.   ·   Yelp   ·   7 years ago

  • Hi about two weeks ago I had a massage with Abigail and it was fabulous!! I went in with a strained and pained muscle around my rib cage and by the time she was done it was GONE!! Healed.. I would highly recommend her!! Lee 5/3/16

    Lee P.   ·   Yelp   ·   7 years ago

  • I went in feeling very tense and specifically asked for a relaxing massage. I felt great when I left, definitely less stressed. Thank you, Tina, for a wonderful massage!

    Erin H.   ·   Yelp   ·   7 years ago

  • I highly suggest Tina! I had previously bad experiences with massage therapists being too rough, and it gave me a bad taste about the profession. After receiving a massage from Tina, she was amazing! She listened, was very gentle, and really works your entire body and needs. I will definitely be recommending her to my patients.

    Rachel H.   ·   Yelp   ·   7 years ago

  • Massage Works has some great reviews, so I decided to give them a go.

    Been a LONG time since my last massage. It was easy to book online and the time frame workout out perfectly. My therapist was Miyko and she was awesome! Loved the way she worked with my breath and the massage pressure. It was simply fantastic.

    I'll definitely be back, it was a relaxing experience from start to finish. Only wish I had done 90 minutes rather than 60. ;-)

    Ellie S.   ·   Yelp   ·   8 years ago

  • I was pretty stressed with a lot going on in life, so I decided to just stop in and see when i might be able to get a massage. Mikyo was there and said I was lucky in that she she had an opening. I got a 90 minute massage and it was amazing! Mikyo really seemed to tell exactly where I needed work. The whole experience was really great. It would be nice if they had a shower, but the hands here beat out all the high end " spas in the area. The prices are fair and I am ready for another massage!

    Walter J.   ·   Yelp   ·   8 years ago

  • I loved my first massage experience at this location. The building outside looks like a series of offices but a brief walk into a quiet courtyard revealed a nice, wood organic and serene office inside.

    Walking into the office I was happily and warmly greeted by one of their massage professionals by the name of Reesa. Before beginning, Reesa asked me what particular issues I wished to address during my massage.

    Reesa was absolutely friendly and as she mentioned she had 18 years of experience, you could tell she is definitely passionate about what she does. She was gentle and she also did due diligence to let me know that if at any time i felt pain i could let her know so she could adjust the pressure of her massage. This is something some people may be afraid or embarrassed to ask.

    All in all, she helped pinpoint a couple of issues I was feeling that day with my lower back and one of my feet. I came out feeling better, as well as renewed and peacefully relaxed overall.

    I would definitely come back!

    Lee L.   ·   Yelp   ·   10 years ago

  • Tina has magic hands. But before I get to that, there's always the administrative things to sort through.

    I came here once ~3 years ago through a Groupon deal and I did hit a lot of the issues that other customers mentioned (slow to return calls, hard to schedule, etc. etc.) All of those issues have been ironed out. Even with the issues that they had 3 years ago, it was still an amazing massage. So amazing that my fiance and I have tried to find other masseuses nearby/for cheaper, but 3 crappy massages do not add up to 1 good one.

    Luckily, I decided to check their website this past December and I saw that they had a holiday special - hopped on it right away.

    Scheduling online was a breeze. Received an email reminder the day before. Smooth as ice. (Is ice really that smooth?... Oops, getting distracted here.)

    Anyway, Tina was able to find all my trouble areas without me telling her. I mean, we did have a short discussion before I disrobed, but I didn't mention how I pulled my left shoulder a few months ago and it has been wonky since. She pointed it out afterwards and I definitely took that to be a sign that she knew what she was doing.

    Like I am during all good massages, I fell asleep at some point and I may have kicked her when she was massaging my feet (whoops, sorry...).

    Nadia S.   ·   Yelp   ·   10 years ago

  • I just had a terrific 30-minute focused massage at Massage Works with Miyko! She paid special attention to my back as that's a major problem area for me. We discussed my specific pain levels and areas prior to the massage, and she used just the right amount of pressure to break up some knots, but not so much that it was too painful.

    The office is small but nice, and the rooms are well appointed. There was a comfortable and warm blanket on the bed besides the traditional sheet. The music was relaxing and not too loud, and Miyko was quiet during the massage which was nice - I don't like massage therapists that talk the entire session and don't allow you to relax.

    Scheduling was very easy thanks to their online scheduler on their website. They sent an email reminder as well.

    I was extremely pleased with the overall experience and highly recommend Massage Works!

    Erika M.   ·   Yelp   ·   11 years ago

  • Yay! Good to know that Toonces C. has been refused service at
    Inside and Out Body Therapy. The psycho client has been blacklisted by Herbal Mineral and some other spas in the south bay as well. Well she was making some racist statements about her esthetician (who is not white) at the other spa.

    She acts like the goddess using discounted vouchers and yet treats the spa therapists like slave. So crazy and yet so fragile.

    Nobody needs her mean spirited "constructive criticism", good to know that she is taking her sorry butt home.

    Hippo T.   ·   Yelp   ·   12 years ago

  • One word description....SOOOOLLLLIIIIDDD!!!!

    Did a 90 minute massage with Jessica, just awesome. I'm a runner and spend a lot of time behind a desk, so the sports massage was just what the Dr. ordered. Jessica knew a variety of different techniques to work the kinks out and applied the right amount of pressure.

    Distance is a little far in Los Gatos, but worth the drive. Thank you Prius!

    Scott C.   ·   Yelp   ·   12 years ago

  • I am so happy.

    I too had the groupon deal and wasn't sure what to expect. Then, like other yelpers, I played phone tag since they don't have a full time receptionist. I too noticed that the office is a little small and is not some swanky day spa. Please note - I am still giving this place 5 stars. Why?

    Because Tina is AMAZING!

    I have the usual shoulder and neck pain commonly associated with Valleyitis. Tina spent considerable time working on my shoulders and neck with just the right amount of pressure. In fact, this rates among my top two massages of all time. (The other one being several years ago in Boston and honestly, my memory has faded a bit since then. Tina may come out ahead.)

    I am not impressed with the places that are all cosmetic, but lack skilled therapists. Here, I felt felt that quality of service comes first, but they also care about your experience. The rooms were well appointed, the right temperature and nice music. Also, unlike some other places, they have blankets instead of just a sheet. I was extremely comfortable from the very beginning.

    Just go.

    JW .   ·   Yelp   ·   12 years ago

  • Okay, so my wonderful husband scheduled a massage for me with Tina Deane here and then told me to go. 5 stars for my husband. ;)

    I should have known that this was going to be one of the best massages ever when a client who was leaving told Tina, "Thank you for helping me walk upright again." I think I got 2 inches of height back myself!

    Tina does not simply rub, chop, or pat at you (ever seen the episode of "Friends" when Ross gives a massage to an old man? Tina is the opposite of that) She uses several styles of massage and then uses concentrated pressure techniques to work out all the kinks and sore muscles. She noticed all of my tight areas and gave me stretching exercises to do at home.

    As much as I love massages, I usually only treat myself to them once or twice a year. After today, though, I think a visit to Tina will be what I ask for every birthday and holiday gift!

    Michele P.   ·   Yelp   ·   12 years ago

  • My husband and I had the groupon deal and weren't sure what to expect. There was a minor confusion regarding time, but the great massage we had with Julia was totally worth the wait. =D

    The office is quite small and it's in a complex right when you turn onto Jackson.

    I could care less about location/space as long as I know the massage is going to be good and worth coming back for. THIS MASSAGE WAS FANTASTIC!

    J is highly competent and knows exactly what you need. She was extremely accommodating, flexible and dedicated to our well-being.

    Both my husband and I felt completely relaxed and relieved of all the pressure we go through in our daily lives sitting at a computer 8+ hours a day. You know....the back, shoulders, arms....eugh! =(

    Highly recommend. We've rebooked a 90 min for next month already. Thanks so much groupon and inside and out body therapy for introducing us to an excellent therapist!

    My R.   ·   Yelp   ·   13 years ago