• Superb Product & Superb installers Four men showed up Cris , Raymond, Harly & Bernard. They were outstanding ,very fast, very neat, very polite and excellent workers. As for the storm smart roll down electric Hurricane shades they are awesome. Two hand held remotes were supplied w/ the shades that work great. Impressive prduct !

    Paul M.   ·   1 year ago

  • I am not able to move the items from our enclosed lanai into tR house with each hurricane warning before I become paralyzed, I could do the bringing in the shairs. C Also closing the windows makes me feel like being i n a coffin daughter Pt had a lanai motorized installed in her new house that way with a push of a button the curtain is on and the porch is protected from the storm

    Ralph L.   ·   Google   ·   1 year ago

  • NO REGRETS in retrofitting of existing home with CGI Sparta impact windows & sliding glass doors After researching the market for some time, Ito made the decision to upgrade our original 1981 home to new impact resistant windows and sliding glass doors. After talking to two other companies I chose to take a chance with Window & Door Storm Pros of PSL for three reasons (1) They seem a specialty business totally focused on selling and installing impact windows. (2) They therefore had extensive experience dealing the various County building departments and with meeting challenges when retrofitting their products to older existing structures and not merely new construction. (3) Were their previous customers fully satisfied with the value they received? If problems arose , were they addressed fairly? and resolved? Could they honestly recommend this company -or- do they regret ever doing business with them? I can state that my experience was very favorable and we can fully recommend WINDOW & DOOR STORM PROS of PSL

    Arch Hall J.   ·   Google   ·   1 year ago

  • Very professional, on time, and excellent work.

    Marina B.   ·   Google   ·   1 year ago

  • The installers were all great and very professional

    Raymond V.   ·   Google   ·   1 year ago

  • Hurricane Shutter Repair

    Kresge F.   ·   Google   ·   1 year ago

  • Greatest purchase I ever made! Going thru Hurricane Ian and still able to go out into our lanai! Awesome product! Great company! Will definitely use them again for windows!

    Paula R.   ·   1 year ago

  • Exceptional Service Call This was a service call to prepare my condo shutters for hurricane season. Price was very competitive and though not the lowest price from the 4 estimates I gathered, it ended being the best value for the personal service call received. The job Team Leader, Ronnie, and the Project Coordinator, Melissa Nunez, were striving for a conscientious delivery since the beginning. It was a very good experience. Storm Smart will have my business as long as I live in West Palm Beach...!

    Esther M.   ·   1 year ago

  • Great company!

    Deborah .   ·   Google   ·   1 year ago

  • Rick M.   ·   Google   ·   1 year ago

  • The Blue team consists of 3 guys who are extremely kind and very well mannered men. The Blue team clean up after themselves as they go along. They take the time to tell you what they are doing, if you should ask a question. The explain the operation of the shutter remote easily. One of the best team of works I have had at my home in a very long time. It was greatly appreciated.

    Steve & Dawn S.   ·   1 year ago

  • Kathleen M.   ·   Google   ·   1 year ago

  • Tina W.   ·   Google   ·   1 year ago

  • Great Service, high quality. Had one minor issue that was attended to to my satisfaction.

    Robert R.   ·   1 year ago

  • Team worked perfectly together. Special shout-out to the electrician (female) she did an awesome job!!

    Gail K.   ·   Google   ·   1 year ago

  • Mark F.   ·   Google   ·   1 year ago

  • Install technicians were great. Installation management and office management were the worst business group we have ever encountered with ANY business. The Installation technicians were given the wrong parts by installation management, the factory in West Florida mislabeled screens and consequently we received the wrong screen, the salesman told us that we could not place a screen in a particular location but the installation technicians said that it could go there. Eventually we DID put a screw where the salesman said it couldn’t go, we had a glass sliding door damaged and management was very reluctant to respond to the problem, etc, and no one showed us how to use the remote control for our system and we practically had to beg to get the hand crank pole. Should I add more problems that we encountered or is this enough?

    Jan F.   ·   1 year ago

  • Outstanding experience, start to finish We were very pleased with Storm Smart from our first encounter with our sales representative to the office staff to the install technicians. All were very professional, on time, experienced and clearly work well together. We received quotes from three other companies. Storm Smart was very competitive and offered an outstanding warranty. We would highly recommend Storm Smart to our neighbors.

    Sharon K.   ·   1 year ago

  • Susy P.   ·   Google   ·   1 year ago

  • shawanta m.   ·   Google   ·   1 year ago

  • They installed hurricane screens. This company has amazing installers and electricians. Everyone of them were responsible professional and did there job. I would highly recommend them.

    Cynthia G.   ·   Google   ·   1 year ago

  • Pat B.   ·   Google   ·   1 year ago

  • Lisa and her crew were very professional and friendly.

    Howard F.   ·   Google   ·   1 year ago

  • Quick and prompt appointment with sales person and person to measure area. Was told 8 to 10 week delivery but came much quicker. Just a few weeks. Installers came early and provided excellent work. Explained how to work blinds and didn't leave until we completely understood how to use remote and will be showed how to install app on or phones

    Wendy D.   ·   Google   ·   1 year ago

  • Great Job! Very professional!

    Edward H.   ·   Google   ·   1 year ago

  • Cindy S.   ·   Google   ·   1 year ago

  • Awesome. David, joe and our totally favorite electrician Anesha. 100% happy, costly but well worth it.

    Laura M.   ·   Google   ·   1 year ago

  • David and his assistant were great at the punchlist Professional from start to finish

    Paul S.   ·   2 years ago

  • Adrienne M B.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • steven s.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • Installed hurricane accordion shutters

    Michael W.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • Harris B.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • StormSmart shades are an excellent product and easy to order. Matched color of home and installation was customized. Installers and electrician were diligent, affable, and committed to quality service. A pleasant experience with a great outcome.

    Lawrence M.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • Excellent work

    paula j.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • Had Storm Screen installed in lanai. The team showed up promptly and knew what tasks each individual had to perform. They immediately got to work and completed the installation quickly while professionally explaining the various aspects of the installation. They additionally informed me of next steps and estimated timeframes. The teamwork exhibited was quite impressive. Would highly recommend Storm Smart.

    Victor V.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • I'm finally happy .. Very expensive $7,000. for 4 panels, for patio.

    deb d.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • They installed storm fabric on my deck. Guys did a great job. Product is good.

    Dan W.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • Excellent work, arrived on time and completed project in one day Theo and Willie the installers and Aneshia the electrician were very professional. They explained the install procedure, completed it, left the area clean and reviewed the operation of the screens. Great experience.

    Herb R.   ·   2 years ago

  • Jeff G.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • Chris K.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • harriet l.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • Dana M.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • Richard V.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • Vincent T.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • Freedom R.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • The crew came on time. They worked quietly and neatly. It was a pleasure to see installers who knew what they were doing. They finished in a reasonable time They left no mess to clean up and the screens look perfectly installed.

    Ronald O.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • Janice F.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • Bobbi S.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • Tom T.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • Jim S.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • Paul G.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • William M.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • The installers and electrician were efficient, knowledgeable and courteous. In three and one half hours, my Storm Smart motorized screen was installed and all questions I had were answered. They cleaned up the area as well. Thank you for a pleasant experience.

    Martin K.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • Avraham M.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • Great product, excellent installation and, best of all in my opinion, great service afterward. Service was supposed to be here between 1 and 3 pm and they arrived at 12:30. Fixed the problem and gone in 20 minutes. HIGHLY recommend this company!

    Gary N.   ·   2 years ago

  • Job well done Did an excellent job

    Barbara K.   ·   2 years ago

  • The installers did an excellent job. Just need the electrician on Friday to complete the job.

    Bruce S.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago