• Highly recommend I got on the fast track to getting happier and healthier to better help others with a great natural health foundation from Trinity. I highly recommend starting here to benefit by all they have to offer! Wonderful people who truly care about helping others improve their lives!

    Ray P.   /   1 week ago

  • Very Helpful & Kind! I'm a graduate of Trinity & I just called to request payment info for tax purposes. Amy was so helpful & very efficient in getting me the information I needed. Thank you!

    Emily G.   /   3 weeks ago

  • Awesome opportunity for online education in Natural Health The instruction is top-notch, the subjects for study are varied and covered in depth, and the online classroom is easy to use. Choosing Trinity to further my education was truly the best decision I have made!

    Erin C.   /   3 weeks ago

  • Katherine M.   /   3 weeks ago

  • Sarah H.   /   Google+   /   9 months ago

    Response from Trinity School of Natural Health

    Thank you so much for your positive feedback.

  • participated in the Naturopathy program and found it to be a helpful stepping stone in the advancement of my career as a Natural Health Practitioner and Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor. Although when I enter the program, I already had my BA in communications with a strong Emergency, Pharmacy and Allied Health background. I deliberately choose the Traditional Naturopathy vs the Non-Traditional for 2 reasons.

    (1) the Cost to complete the ND program at a major University $270,000.00+ for 4-5 years (that's the minimum for each qualifying school - OUTRAGOUS) not to mention taking additional classes because my degree exceeded the 10 year threshold (SMH) even though I had taken all of the major sciences.

    (2) The expansion knowledge of multi- natural health modalities versus a primary focus on clinical pathology approach; the Traditional pathway allowed for more mental/emotional/though/spiritual awareness development and approach to connect to whole body healing (which you don't receive at the universities), along with receiving a heavy concentration on the natural laws of healing.

    During my tenure, Trinity had absolutely wonderful instructors that taught the foundations and encouraged continual development. I am one of those students that has not stop my development beyond Trinity (in functional medicine, kinesiology, energy management, herbalism, iridology, ayurvedic and integrative medicine), but allowed the education I received from them to be a stepping stone that has catapulted my knowledge/education to better serve and minister to the health community.

    De L C.   /   Google+   /   1 year ago

  • I finished my ND degree in 2012 and now have a Natural Health Spa. The information I received during training is invaluable. Thank you Trinity for guiding me in the right direction. Great classes and Great for the self motivated learner.

    Debrah S.   /   Google+   /   1 year ago