• Highly Recommend!! Thoroughly enjoyed the CNHP and CHS programs. The convenience of doing them online and at home was perfect for my scheduled. The knowledge and skills I have gain from this to not only help myself but others is life changing. Thank you Trinity School!

    Krystal M.   /   2 months ago

  • FIVE STARS Such a positive environment. I’ve signed up for their ND, CNHP, & CHS programs and I must say its the best decision I have ever made. The staff is very kind and is willing to assist in anyway they can. Love that! Thank you for everything, Trinity!

    MINA M.   /   2 months ago

  • High quality education Great teachers, great school

    Cootchill N.   /   2 months ago

  • I have been using Bach Flower Remedies for the past two years. I first learned about them in the ND program, but wanted to learn more so enrolled in the Flower Essence Specialist Program. I just completed the program - two thumbs up, 5 start and more! Not only did we learn about Bach Flower Remedies, but so much more. Today I begin the Master Herbalist and Holistic Health Specialist Programs. Lots of integrating to be done, as well as living and sharing what I have learned to help others. Thank you, Trinity Tribe!

    Dawn D.   /   2 months ago

  • Hello I was a Registered Nurse before I entered this school. The education they provided on natural health is impeccable. The foundation given to me at this school I have used to help several of my personal clients and I have used it to give direction to some of the patients I have worked with on how to eat for better health. People post reviews all the time but the thing that let me know I made the proper choice was when a client thanked me for helping him get from 130 units of insulin per day to 20. It has been a long road for that client and I am still working with him. No one can tell that man any thing bad about natural health because he is now a living example of what can be done.

    Stephen L.   /   3 months ago

  • This is a high quality school thru and thru... As a successful graduate of 2 of Trinity's programs, I speak from my heart when I say these programs changed my life! The curriculum is high quality and pertinent, the staff very knowledgeable, supportive and challenging! If you are considering one of the programs at Trinity, I say GO FOR IT! You won' t regret it!2014 graduate of the Certified Natural Health Professional program. 2018 graduate of the Naturopathic Doctor program.

    Jean C.   /   3 months ago

  • Great programs, excellent instructors and value for your investment Trinity has something for everyone who is looking to enter into the realm of natural health. The programs are taught by instructors who have the knowledge and also who care. Overall the education and support provided by Trinity both during the course of study and after has given me the confidence to become an excellent natural health practitioner. Thank you.

    Ravi K.   /   3 months ago

  • Highly recommend I got on the fast track to getting happier and healthier to better help others with a great natural health foundation from Trinity. I highly recommend starting here to benefit by all they have to offer! Wonderful people who truly care about helping others improve their lives!

    Ray P.   /   5 months ago

  • Very Helpful & Kind! I'm a graduate of Trinity & I just called to request payment info for tax purposes. Amy was so helpful & very efficient in getting me the information I needed. Thank you!

    Emily G.   /   5 months ago

  • Awesome opportunity for online education in Natural Health The instruction is top-notch, the subjects for study are varied and covered in depth, and the online classroom is easy to use. Choosing Trinity to further my education was truly the best decision I have made!

    Erin C.   /   Google+   /   5 months ago

  • Katherine M.   /   5 months ago

  • Sarah H.   /   Google+   /   1 year ago

    Response from Trinity School of Natural Health

    Thank you so much for your positive feedback.

  • participated in the Naturopathy program and found it to be a helpful stepping stone in the advancement of my career as a Natural Health Practitioner and Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor. Although when I enter the program, I already had my BA in communications with a strong Emergency, Pharmacy and Allied Health background. I deliberately choose the Traditional Naturopathy vs the Non-Traditional for 2 reasons.

    (1) the Cost to complete the ND program at a major University $270,000.00+ for 4-5 years (that's the minimum for each qualifying school - OUTRAGOUS) not to mention taking additional classes because my degree exceeded the 10 year threshold (SMH) even though I had taken all of the major sciences.

    (2) The expansion knowledge of multi- natural health modalities versus a primary focus on clinical pathology approach; the Traditional pathway allowed for more mental/emotional/though/spiritual awareness development and approach to connect to whole body healing (which you don't receive at the universities), along with receiving a heavy concentration on the natural laws of healing.

    During my tenure, Trinity had absolutely wonderful instructors that taught the foundations and encouraged continual development. I am one of those students that has not stop my development beyond Trinity (in functional medicine, kinesiology, energy management, herbalism, iridology, ayurvedic and integrative medicine), but allowed the education I received from them to be a stepping stone that has catapulted my knowledge/education to better serve and minister to the health community.

    De L C.   /   Google+   /   1 year ago

  • I finished my ND degree in 2012 and now have a Natural Health Spa. The information I received during training is invaluable. Thank you Trinity for guiding me in the right direction. Great classes and Great for the self motivated learner.

    Debrah S.   /   Google+   /   1 year ago