• Very informative, willing to listen to all our questions and concerns. Not pushy at all. Jim gave us lots of info to make our decision on how to proceed.
    Paul bange has always had a good standing with us and our neighbors. I'm all about quality and I do believe they have what it takes.

    William P.   ·   Yelp   ·   2 years ago

  • My overall experience with Paul Bange Roofing was very good from the beginning to the end. Our main contact/project manager Joey was very nice, professional, personable and responsive. The roof workers were very clean, organized and respectful to our property and most of all our roof looks beautiful and it seems they did great work according to the inspection, so I do feel they deserved the 5 stars. However, I was on the fence of giving 5 stars only due to the fact that it took somewhat longer than originally expected, I feel we pushed a little and were more involved to get it done faster, but at the same time, I took into account that we live in South Florida, so I guess it should be expected that due to things such as bad weather and/or "red tape" set backs, that it could take a little longer. All in all they did a great job and I would recommend them.

    Debbie O.   ·   Yelp   ·   2 years ago

  • Done Right/Done Fast Everyone was very professional, helpful. efficient and friendly. Their experience and ability to work as a team were very apparent. Every detail was addressed either with or without prompting.

    Fred S.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • High quality and quickly done Great confidence with Paul Bange Roofing.

    Steven A.   ·   2 years ago

  • Very professional job. Complete re-roof. Very LOUD, if you animals beware. Watch for nails in driveway.. Highly recommend Paul Bange Roofing.

    Robert W.   ·   2 years ago

  • Great job on condo building re-roof From start to finish, bid a great price on a quality product and did great work. Job was completed quickly, on-time, and within budget. Office provided great communications and updates, workers kept the site clean and safe. Could not have done a better job!

    David N.   ·   2 years ago

  • RAPID RESPONSE! I called on Saturday and they were out Monday and they worked around my schedule. Mr. John Kenney came by and was dressed very professional and listened to our concerns. He looked over our roof and gave us several different directions we can take, I thought that was amazing!!!!! Great service!!!!

    Jennifer M.   ·   Yelp   ·   2 years ago

  • Nancy C.   ·   2 years ago

  • Good on responding very quickly after material arrived. On Time, kept us notified of delivery times, etc. Once material was received immediately went to work. Crew showed up as notified, and immediately got the deck and the paper down. Did a great job of cleaning up after themselves as well. Same with crew that laid the tile. Both men worked very diligently and again cleaned up tremendously after each work day.

    Jeffrey C.   ·   2 years ago

  • Experienced workers Experienced workers, They have plenty of them. I had the opportunity to talk to a few The men . They have all been with the company 15, 20, even 25 years. That says a lot.
    On top of that they offered me a 10 year warranty where others were only offering a five. I am completely satisfied with this company and would recommend them to anyone looking for a new roof !

    Joseph W.   ·   2 years ago

  • Experienced workers Experienced workers, They have plenty of them. I had the opportunity to talk to a few The men . They have all been with the company 15, 20, even 25 years. That says a lot. On top of that they offered me a 10 year warranty where others were only offering a five. I am completely satisfied with this company and would recommend them to anyone looking for a new roof !

    Joe W.   ·   Yelp   ·   2 years ago

  • Beautiful work. Workers were excellent. No mess left behind. Getting a lot of compliments from neighbors. Looks awesome. No one has that color so it really stands out. Love it. This is the second time we have used Paul Bange Roofing and always gets high quality work.

    Harold R.   ·   2 years ago

  • I have been a long time customer of Paul Bange for three homes I own. They always have full crews with experienced workers that show up on time and clean up before they leave. They have done warranty work for me at one home that has an older roof in addition to just doing a new roof at my home. I did not price shop, I've made that mistake in the past. I opted for a "cheaper " company years ago and got exactly what I paid for, sloppy work, issues and no where to be found when a warranty issue came up. Paul Bange always stands behind their work. My representative, John Kenney,  is always available and assisted with some other items that needed to be installed on the roof after it was completed. John is very responsive anytime I call, goes above and beyond, takes pride in his work and the work of the company, and is a solution oriented person. Outstanding customer service, craftsmanship, and value for the overall service.

    Michelle S.   ·   Yelp   ·   2 years ago

  • The guys were great, professional and on time.

    Scott R.   ·   2 years ago

  • Job well done I am impressed with this company and it’s employees. Fair pricing, good communication, organized, clean and punctual. They even skimmed my pool when the job was over, even though they had covered my entire pool with plastic to keep it clean. I recommend this company.

    Peter W.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • Job well done I am impressed with this company and it’s employees. Fair pricing, good communication, organized, clean and punctual. I recommend this company.

    Peter W.   ·   2 years ago

  • Paul Bange Roofing has done work on our home for several years. They rescued our roof after another company replaced it after Hurricane Wilma and left town, sticking us with an unenforceable warranty. Their repairs saved us thousands in interior damage. When Hurricane Irma hit our home hard, our estimator Fred Krei walked not just the areas the insurance adjuster had noted - he walked the whole 7000 sq ft roof, and saved us from settling our claim for too little- even inspecting our chimney! We ultimately had to reroof and Fred was there throughout, treating us like family. The measure of a company is when something goes wrong; in our case a worker accidentally threw out the roof mount fan for our range hood. Bange replaced it without a fuss. Not kidding.
    We are now downsizing into our last home and it has an older roof. Before we put in our offer, we called Fred and asked him to check out the roof for us. He is doing that tomorrow - on his day off. Bange Roofing is a good company, and Fred Krei is a great guy - what my Dad would have called "a real good egg." Thanks, guys, for everything.

    Michele M.   ·   Yelp   ·   2 years ago

  • Excellent service. Excellent workmanship. Highly recommend.

    Lori W.   ·   Google   ·   2 years ago

  • Thorough & fast job done, kept me informed, very easy to contact & talk to, fair price, good Angie's List & BBB rating 1 They have a phone receptionist so you rarely have to leave a message. 2 Citizens threatened me with non-renewal once my policy expires in early September because their records showed my roof had less than 3 years of life left, so I was against a fairly tight deadline once I got financing arranged in early August. 3 They were able to come out for an estimate within a week of when I called, in mid-July. The representative arrived right on schedule and did a thorough examination of the house, as opposed to several other bidders who prepared their estimates from online aerial information. The in-person examination gave me a chance to point out idiosyncrasies & ask my many questions as I pointed out the areas of concern. 4 At that time I was still trying to arrange financing. The rep told me about the federal PACE loan program, of which I'd never heard. As it turned out, the bank process was so slow I would never get the loan in time, so I went through PACE. (NOTE: PACE is not for everyone. It's a fast process, you don't have to jump through endless hoops, it's competitive with private loans, but there are disadvantages. Research it carefully. It was a good deal for me personally.) 4 They were booked out 2-3 weeks, cutting it close, but said they'd try to fit me in between other bigger jobs, that a roof my size they could do in a day. They came in about a week after I chose them, and indeed got 95% of it done by sundown. They came back the next work day and finished. The supervisors & crew were fast & thorough, & were good about answering my interim questions. 5 Other than the tar & gasoline smell (which went away fast), there was hardly a trace of their having been there. 6 The price was not the lowest bid I got, it was just about middle, but Bange is one of the two most highly-rated roofers I saw on Angie's List who work through PACE. (The other one never returned my call so I didn't get a bid.) BUT their proposal listed a few things extra that lower-priced bidders were not going to do; for the timeliness & work performed I think the price was more than fair. 7 Although I know 20 times as much about flat roofs now as I did 2 months ago, I still don't know enough to judge the quality of their work, but they pulled a permit & the city inspector was there at least twice for in-progress inspections, then made a final inspection, so according to him they met or passed all FL Building Code & Miami-Dade standards, which is all I can ask for.

    Richard W.   ·   3 years ago

  • High Quality, Great Job Well Done, Excellent Service, Very Profesional My initial communications with the first "sales" person from Paul Bange Roofing was the deciding factor in my choosing them to replace my leaking roof. He was extremely courteous, very professional and I felt like from this encounter they would do a good job and they did. I had lots of questions and called the office a few times but was comfortable with the responses I received. They were courteous, always professional, and the team that came to my house did a great job, the service was excellent. They came recommended to me and I would recommend them to others. Thank you for a job well done!!

    Vivienne S.   ·   3 years ago

  • Job well done Very pleased with whole experience.

    Robert F.   ·   3 years ago

  • We had the flat portion of our roof replaced with Paul Bange Roofing about a year ago. It has held up very well. We got a quote quickly and the man who did the estimate was extremely helpful and professional. He gave us his cell phone number and was always available for questions when I called during the process. The roofing work was delayed about 1 week due to being rained out, but otherwise everything was done exactly on schedule and to specification. They ended up having to do a little more work than expected due to a leak they discovered in an area of the roof adjacent to the part they were working on, and that problem was repaired without any delays or extra charges. Really excellent experience all around.

    R A.   ·   Yelp   ·   3 years ago

  • Reliable, professional, flexible, cooperative, and did an excellent job. Paul Bange Roofing started the roofing job earlier than expected and completed it without any problem. I am very happy with the new look of my roof.

    I chose this company because this roofer put up a new roof on my neighbor's house. That neighbor gave me a good reference. Additionally I liked the way that roofing job was done. The quote I got from this company was the lowest among all the proposals received from roofers in the palm Beach county area. I would say I received a value added service. Thanks for a job well done.

    Jose T.   ·   3 years ago

  • All about the customer Their representative Jim handle everything from start to finish the men arrived at my house at schedule time happy to go to work fast clean and reasonably priced .Best dealing I’ve had with a company here in South Florida by far

    Toni C.   ·   3 years ago

  • Best contractor experience ever! John Kennedy and Bob over saw my job and did a excellent job! John was involved in every step keeping me informed and making sure everything went smoothly. They laid tarps and cleaned up everything everytime. I never even saw one nail on the ground. Their crew was pleasant and on time and showed up everytime like they said they would. Their office personnel was equally great, calling and keeping me informed every step of the way. A roof is a big expense and they were worth every penny and then some.

    Christina V.   ·   Yelp   ·   3 years ago

  • I worked closely with Kelly O'Brien from Paul Bange Roofing. He was most helpful from start to finish and was even able to give me solid recommendations for other work that I need done.
    The professionalism and knowledge of all the people I dealt with were awesome.
    I would recommend Paul Bange Roofing company and also Kelly O'Brien for any roofing needs that you may have.

    Ken K.   ·   Yelp   ·   3 years ago

  • Paul and his staff are very professional. They are honest and dont beat around the bush. They provide great service and are on time. They are very busy and cant call everyone back the same day. It works both ways follow up and you will get results.

    Paul P.   ·   Yelp   ·   3 years ago

  • We have an Overhead Care Club contract wit Paul Bange Roofing.

    We called our Paul Bange contact, Matt Alex, this past Thursday and asked him to inspect our tile roof for any damage.  Matt asked if he could come Saturday morning.

    He called me when he was 10 minutes from our agreed upon time to advise me that he was on his way.  When he arrived he went right to work and shortly afterwards told me that he had found a couple of damaged tiles, but they were not serious. He showed me a photo of one tile that looked as though it had a 6" opening in its top.  

    He was able to cement the the broken piece back on to the tile and it was repaired very quickly.  He did the same with two other damaged tiles.  This process only took about 30 minutes.  During this time, he also completed Paul Bange's 17 Point Inspection Sumary, which was given to me.

    I was and am completely satisfied with the work performed by Matt and the Paul Bange Roofing Company.  I would recommend this company to anyone with a roofing issue.

    Charlie A.   ·   Yelp   ·   3 years ago

  • this is the second roof that I've had done with Paul Bange and Roofing of South Florida it's always been a great experience I would highly recommend them

    Jerry V.   ·   3 years ago

  • The job was very well done! Very satisfied with the work done in our roof. I would definitely recommend your company to family and friends, thank you.

    Carlos A.   ·   3 years ago

  • Well done 5 stars for everyone

    Jeffrey P.   ·   3 years ago

  • This rating is really not made up they deserve to be reconized for their great work and keeping informed April should be commended as being certainly one of the few employees today that know what being a professional means. She is alway great to keep you updated on the progress, permitting. and of course checking back with her clients. April your one of a kind. Job work at my home is second to none. Great roofing job. Tiles look exceptional...

    Anna G.   ·   3 years ago

  • Top rated did
    Great job came back and fixed every problem which was minor would recommend to

    Harris S.   ·   3 years ago

  • The replacement of my flat roof looks good. The workers showed up on time and were polite. They laid down plastic tarps on the ground to catch any debris from the roof, worked fast, got the job done and cleaned up any mess and were gone. Nice job and would recommend.

    Arnold B.   ·   3 years ago

  • Job well done Paul Bange Roofing of South Florida did an excellent job on our roof. They worked fast, workers were friendly and did a great job on cleaning up upon job completion. Completely satisfied with workmanship and communication throughout our reroofing. Would highly recommend. Thanks Paul!

    Carlos C.   ·   3 years ago

  • High quality, professional work From the beginning till end the experience was great, friendly and top notch professional customer service on the phone and face to face with Paul. Paul arrived in time to check out our problem on the roof, estimate was given, work was scheduled. What I really liked was that lots of pictures was sent to us to show step by step how the work was completed. I will definitely contact Paul Bange Roofing as next issue arrives!

    Yana K.   ·   3 years ago

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